Library Haul 21-6-2020

Library Haul 21-6-2020

Afternoon all!

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Happy Sunday all, and welcome to a brand-new Library #2 Haul!

It was that time again, boy time sure flies as it doesn’t feel like it has been a month! Throughout the week I have been reserving books in the hopes that I could just go in and then out again, but for some reason they stopped picking up reservations about 4 days ago (I guess after 33 reservations they had enough of it 😛 ) , so I still had to go and search for my books (which btw were all in the right spots or on the new releases table).

I am glad I could go on a Sunday, and that the library is even open on that day (most libraries are closed). It was nice and quiet there and I could just bring back my 53 books without trouble, look around for my reservations and books I wanted to find (which I decided to do after 3 days of no more reservations being picked up). There were just a few people here and there, but man it was a delight not to have to dodge people like I did the last time.  Plus, it was great to be back at the library. While going outside stresses me out, as soon as I am at the library I feel much calmer.

I found many books and played tetris getting it in my shopping trolley and bag. 😛

STATS: 55 books. 4 comics/GN, 11 picture books, 4 English, 11 non-fiction, 25 fiction.

NOTE: EDIT on 14-7: Added several books to the links, there are still a few books missing, but I am not sure if I will read those.
Only 31 of those were on Goodreads. 😐 I will be adding the rest as I read the books and you can expect this list to be updated when I do. And when it is completely updated I will bump the post on Twitter again.

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De Campus by Nathalie Pagie
De eilanden by Suzanne Vermeer
De bestemming by Suzanne Vermeer
De wonderjaren van Billy Marvins by Jason Rekulak
De beminde by Kiera Cass
Wintermaan by Wendy Louise
The Woman in the Dark by Vanessa Savage
The Truants by Kate Weinberg
Mega Make and Do and Stories Too by Liz Pichon
A Friend Called Alfie by Rachel Wells

Opgepast! by Jennefer Mellink
Eekhrn zkt Eekhrn by David Sedaris
Elin by Thea Stilton
Het geheim van tante Fien by Tanneke Wigersma
Sleutels by Annemarie Jongbloed
Zeven keer in eigen doel by Roberto Santiago
Max Modderman #1 by Matt Stanton
Knotsspannend by Tosca Menten
Het geheim van de voetbalheld by Gerard Gemert
Het idee van groep 2 by Gisette van Dalen
De kunst van groep 4 by Gisette van Dalen
Het feest van groep 5 by Gisette van Dalen
Adje doet heel druk by Adriaan van Dis
Het geheim van meester Daan by Nadja van Sever
Maffe meester Daan speelt bananenslagbal by Judith van Helden
De gouden eenhoorn – geheimen en legenden by Selwyn E. Phipps
Stinkhond zoekt een baasje by Colas Gutman
Slaap je al? by Anke Kranendonk

Time to momo: Lissabon by Stephanie Waasdorp
Time to momo: Marrakech by Astrid Emmers
Time to momo: Madrid by Marloes Vaessen
Time to momo: Toscane by Kim Lansink
Time to momo: Porto by Pierre Oskam
De nieuwe arme by Sascha Meyer
De ijssalon van meneer Mebrat by Gebre Zemichael, Gerda Crouset
Van deze kinderen ga je houden by Anja Vink
Kookboek voor geeks by Thibaud Villanova, Maxime Léonard
Lego Harry Potter: Zoek-en vindboek by ?
50 stoere beroepen by Righton, Koene
Het familiealbum van Tony T. Rex by Mike Benton

Anna in de bibliotheek by Kathleen Amant
Karel en mama’s buik by Liesbeth Slegers
Bij ons in de familie by Koos Meinderts
Vier kaboutertjes in de zomer by Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder
Slim zijn is wel duizend dingen by Davina Bell
De jongen in de zeepbel by Valerie Eyckman
Olivia is een spion by Ian Falconer
Waar is het nest? by Ann Lootens, Linde Faas
Een echt egeltjesfeest by Sam Loman
Reis naar de maan by John Hare
Papa, ik word later rijk by Annemarie van Haeringen
De smokkelaar by Milan Hulsing
Bollie en Billie #33 by L. Verron
Bff’s #9 by Christophe Casanova, Philippe Fenech
Het geheim van Victoria #1 by Elisa Ferrari

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