Review for Ano Musume to Me ga Au Tabi Watashi wa Shakaijin Yuri Anthology Vol.1

Review for Ano Musume to Me ga Au Tabi Watashi wa Shakaijin Yuri Anthology Vol.1

Irua, Ano Musume to Me ga Au Tabi Watashi wa Shakaijin Yuri Anthology, Vol.1, Yuri, LGBT, Women, Desk, Long Hair, Cute, Short Stories, Romance, Work, This was a pretty OK yuri anthology featuring several cute stories with HEA.

It is LGBT+ month so I am looking around for books to read and enjoy that feature LGBT+ characters. I bumped against this adorable looking anthology and of course had to read it. It was definitely a plus that all the women in this anthology were grown-up women with jobs and the likes. Often yuri anthologies feature girls in high school, sometimes adult. So I was delighted to see adults get their happy endings and romance.

This bundle contains 14 lovely, well mostly lovely, stories. Some very short, others a bit longer. Just like any anthology it was a bit hit and miss. Some I truly loved like Masking Lady (such a cute one and I loved the illustrator’s work), Stopped Meter (a story about two women who knew each other and one became a taxi driver and so they meet again), Waiting at Blue Bells (I loved that she drew her love interest so wonderfully and how often she was found at the restaurant), I want to make my work senpai moan (while I would like some equality, it was still adorable), some I wasn’t too big a fan off like Head-to-head Reunion Flirty Battle (soooo toxic and unhealthy) and The woman at a Certain Company (that woman was just way too pushy and should respect that girl a bit more, she isn’t out of the closet as she is). And there was one story I just wasn’t a fan of because of the art (Suzuki-Senpai – Saccharine Beauty).

I really enjoyed reading these stories though a few I would like to see expanded a bit more beyond the couple of pages they existed of. Some were just too cute and I loved the couple so much that I didn’t want to leave them.

There were some really sweet moments, sweet kisses, sweet confessions, and I loved those. I was so proud and happy when my girls would confess their love to their love interest. Or if they finally dared to utter the words that were bubbling inside of them.

The art was a bit hit/miss, but in overall I really did like them and seeing each mangakas/illustrators style.

All in all, I can’t wait for the next volume in this anthology, I definitely want more.

Star rating, 4 stars

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