Review for Callum’s Spellbook

Review for Callum’s Spellbook

Callum's Spellbook (The Dragon Prince), Children's Books, Spells, Fantasy, Magic, Friendship, Brother, Family, Dragons, Travelling, Netflix, Pirates, LGBT, Brown, Sketch, Elves, Book, Journal, Tracey WestThe guide to go along with Dragon Prince, featuring fun facts, information about the show, and gorgeous art.

I haven’t seen Dragon Prince yet (but was planning on watching) so a lot of spoilers for me, but I don’t mind. If anything, thanks to this book, I want to watch the show more, so I guess very soon when I have time/am doing some fitness/exercise (I love watching shows while I do sports) I will go to Netflix to watch this show, thankfully it is on the Dutch Netflix.

This is a delightful and gorgeously illustrated guide to the show. We learn about various things that happened, about the travel that these characters went on and the people and countries they came across, we read about characters (and OMG there is a sweet LGBT couple there), about elves and what kinds there are and how people think about them, about the countries and their rulers, the history of the land, magic, and more. It was a delight and the world seems amazing and so much fun. I just wanted to dive into the book, into the world.

I can also honestly say as someone who never watched the show that this isn’t a problem at all. I never felt like I should have watched the show first or know more about the characters. The writer has a way to pull you in, and the art also helps.

The art is absolutely gorgeous and I was just a big big fan of it. The sketches, the finished works. WOW. And I loved that they made it seems like the MC drew it all.

Star rating, 4 stars

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