Review for Don’t Call me Grumpycorn

Review for Don’t Call me Grumpycorn

Don't Call Me Grumpycorn, Space, Rocket, Friendship, Narwhal, Mermaid, Jellyfish, Unicorn, Children's Book, Humour, Funny, Colourful, Rainbow Mane, Horn, Space Outfit, Picture Books, Planets, Sarah McIntyreUnicorn/Grumpycorn is back again! This time he and his friends go to… SPACE!

I am so delighted there is a second book in this series, the first one I definitely really liked. With this one I even pre-ordered it at a store in England because there was going to be a (if I was in time) a bookplate with the author’s autograph. And I got it! I am so happy because I am a big fan of the author and her work.

Let’s go to the book. In this one we see our Unicorn make a big rocket with all sorts of fun function and options inside. Like a sewing machine, books, candy and cookies, books, fabric, and more. This Unicorn got plans! But then this best friends also want to party and come with him, and yes, I could understand the rules he laid out. He build all of the rocket, it was his plan, I would also have told my friends the same things. Yes, I would have been called grumpy, but come on. My rocket, my plans, my rules. After that we can always go to any other planet that they want to go to. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

I loved seeing them go in space and find all sorts of planets that would be perfect for Mermaid, Narwhal, and Jellyfish. I loved the planets and how they looked and I just wanted to hop off the rocket and get to visit them. But then we find a special planet for just Unicorns. And it seems that Unicorns are universally like our Unicorn. It isn’t just him. 😛 But thankfully, due to our Unicorn having friends he has changed. I do think if he went there in the beginning of the first book that the situation may have gone different.

The ending was really sweet and how awesome of Unicorn to do that with his rocket. I loved seeing what he did with it and I wouldn’t mind popping along and use it like that as well.

The art is just absolutely gorgeous. Once again Sarah McIntyre drew a whole world and one you can just get lost in. This sounds weird, but I have read plenty of picture books but I have seen only a couple who really make a world out of it. That the pictures themselves can tell a story. That there are so many little details that even after you read the words you can still stare at the page for some time.

All in all, I loved this one to bits and I would highly recommend it.

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