Review for Field Trip to the Moon

Review for Field Trip to the Moon

Field Trip to the Moon, School Bus, Moon, Field Trip, Children, Humour, Aliens, Picture Books, Wordless, Children's Books, Sci-fi, Science Fiction, John L. HareA class full of kids are going to the moon for a delightful school trip, but what happens when one of the kids get left behind?

This book has no words so I can write this review in English easily (without thinking if the names are correct). I just had to get this book when I spotted it at Library #2’s site. I love the moon and I love field trips. And this book was a delight.

In this book a class of kids goes to the moon for a field trip to learn all about the moon. I wish I was there with them, but for now I just have to do with reading this book. We see that one kid is a bit different from the others. They hold a box of crayons and a sketchbook. As the class learns about all sorts of things we see our kid drawing things… but OH NO.. also fall asleep. And what happens then was both sad but also really fun because the kid finds out a big secret of the moon. I loved seeing those parts and I had quite a few giggles.

The ending was great and I loved the illustration that ended the book. I hope the kid is one day to go back to the moon and say hi again (and bring new crayons).

I love that this has no words, not just because it makes it easier to write a review in another language but also because this allows you to make your own story along with the illustrations. You follow what the illustrations show you, or you could make up something really fun. The possibilities are endless.

The illustrations were really well done and I am a fan of them. I love that they took the trip in what is so clearly an American school bus only now in rocket/space form.

Definitely would recommend this fun book!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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