Review for Ghost Stories: Tales of spine-chilling encounters

Review for Ghost Stories: Tales of spine-chilling encounters

Ghost Stories: Tales of spine-chilling encounters, Antara Roy O, Ghosts, Horror, Spooky, Short Stories, Gray, Forest, Black/White, India, Spooky and creepy tales that will be a delight to read in this warm weather as it will give you a fair share of goosebumps!

I was promoting my book when I bumped against this book on Twitter. I was definitely eager to get this one as I just love ghost stories. This one seemed right up my alley with it featuring several spooky and creepy stories.

As said we have various stories, from dead things dripping down on your from the ceiling (NOPE NOPE NOPE) to a ghost/spirt/entity on the highway that will kill you, to an eventful new years eve, to spooky things lurking in the forest. There is something for everyone and I definitely had my favourites. I loved the story about the woman in the forest, the suicide veranda, the creepy girl at the lake. The one about the boy falling asleep in the forest and what he witnessed there was just not my cup of tea due to the MC and that it wasn’t super creepy.

I loved that these stories took place in India. I love it when we get some creepiness not set in Japan, US, or UK. I love it when we go elsewhere and I have always loved India. These stories mostly take place in the rural areas, where not many people will go. I loved the various creepy things that popped up and the tales behind them. I definitely had goosebumps while reading most of the stories.

One thing, maybe it is different in India (at least going by the names of the places it seems to all be set in India), but I have never heard of scooters that have pedals. There is a story in this book about a one-legged man riding a scooter and our MC being very surprised about that. I don’t see in how, as you can do everything with your hands. I know I even saw a one-legged man ride a motorcycle.

There were a couple of small spelling errors and at times the text didn’t flow well. I don’t know it just felt a bit stilted at times. Also, I would have liked some stories to be just a bit longer, now at times it felt a bit too abrupt for me.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend and I hope that the author will write more spooky tales.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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