Review for Mr. Wolf’s Class Books 1 to 3

Review for Mr. Wolf’s Class Books 1 to 3

Mr. Wolf's Class, Children's Books, Graphic Novel, Teaching, New Kid, Funny, Humour, Pig, Bunny, Cat, Duck, Frog, Wolf, Animals, School, Aron Nels Steinke, Green Walls, Blue CarpetA series that started off pretty fun… but sadly lost its magic after the first book. This is a combined review for Mr. Wolf’s Class, Mystery Club, Lucky Stars, aka Mr. Wolf’s Class #1, #2, and #3.

I have written a short review for each of the books.

Mr. Wolf’s Class (Mr. Wolf’s Class #1): Star rating, 3.5 stars: A pretty fun book about a class full of kids and their teacher Mr. Wolf. It is the first day for many and there is a lot of adjusting for the kids (and the teacher who at times has no idea what to do). I had quite a bit of laughs though I wasn’t always a fan of the kids and how they acted. Who the hell thinks sleeping is a good idea? And that one boy to who Aziza said Boys are stupid should just understand that he had this coming for him with how he acted and how he didn’t listen to Aziza telling him she wanted quiet. I did like seeing the school, the lessons, and I love that bunny girl who is so enthusiastic about school and having moved to this place. Many times kids like that aren’t too happy but she was very delighted.
The art was really fun and I love love the style.

Mystery Club, Mr. Wolf's Class, Book 2, Children's Book, Graphic Novel, School, Mystery, Missing Items, Cat, Bunny, Pig, Animals, Aron Nels Steinke, Outside, Trees, Bushes, UmbrellaMystery Club (Mr. Wolf’s Class #2): Star rating, 2 stars: In this one we have naughty kids, birthdays and awesome pizza, and a mystery club. I really liked the idea of the mystery club, but I wasn’t a fan of the kids just wandering through the school and making excuses. And that none of the teachers (nor the principal) cared. Wow… And when the kids went home one just got out of the car and ran away. WTF?
Lol at the kids not liking the cubbies but wanting lockers and then saying that they need lockers because things happen… which wouldn’t happen if the teacher just acted a bit more strict and kept a closer eye on his class instead of just sitting and staring at his laptop. Lord, from what I remember in my elementary school (and on that note the rest of the school time) we didn’t even have lockers or cubbies. So why are you complaining?
Also why don’t they have a higher fence around the playground, given how many times balls fly over that fence it would seem safer to just make a bigger fence, or have a net around the ball area.
Some fun science facts.
I did think it was weird that Abdi asked if he was the only boy at the party, um everyone was invited??????????????????
The rat stuff is so weird…

Lucky Stars, Mr. Wolf's Class, Book 3, Graphic Novel, Fall, Trees, Bicycles, Frog, Bunny, Helmets, Graphic Novel, School, Children's Books, Aron Nels Steinke, TeacherLucky Stars (Mr. Wolf’s Class #3): Star rating, 2 stars: This time we have accidents, one kid can go to Hawaii, there is a writer’s workshop and the kids all have to write about something. I had a laugh at how one kid was feeding the rats and getting “gifts”, which was funny but I am sad that the ending with the wallet was rushed and that we never know what happens next.
I also don’t get why Sampson didn’t put on his helmet properly, that was just beyond dumb and I hope from this he learns to strap his helmet. Either way, if he had fallen he would have hurt his eyes anyway… why aren’t there special frog-helmets? And on that topic, bunny helmets? Because if my ears already hurt from holding them back and putting them in a helmet, I cannot imagine those long bunny ears getting stuck. Ouch.
I did find it awesome seeing Sampson pick up and try writing and drawing with his left hand.
The teacher is getting better at his job, but I am still disappointed at what he does. He gives them assignments most of them know, so why not just focus on the couple that seem to have trouble with it instead of setting back your class? And he still has an authority problem.
Randy, or that pink cat, was just SO annoying and I am sad to see that she is never getting consequences for what she does. I also find her egotistical.
I do still love the art in this book and I love that we see beyond the school. That hill was amazing.
A shame, the first book was quite good, but these past 2 books haven’t had the same spark, and the characters just annoy me.

Will I continue this series… sadly no. It had potential, but with annoying kids and adults not doing anything about it, a teacher who needs to step up his game, I am just not interested any more.

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