Review for Muffin Compares to You

Review for Muffin Compares to You

Muffin Compares to You, The Way to a man's heart, Book 2, Puns, Muffin, Frankie Love, Halfnaked Guy, Abs, Torso, Romance, Insta-love, Sex, Marriage, Too soonThe second book in the punny love series… but it was just not for me.

While I wasn’t a fan of the first book (instant marriage just feels so creepy and icky to me), I still wanted to give this series another chance. See if, despite the insta-love, it could work out. Plus, I just couldn’t resist the punny titles and sexy men.

This one was still very insta-love, but still, not that much. Yes, these two are clearly falling in love, clearly liking each other, but there were no marriage plans instantly. They didn’t go I love you from the moment they met. So I was enjoying myself, I love the theme park date and the sex that happened (OMG that was quite romantic.. though given how I am about germs, also a bit eww). I loved the connection these two have. There were tons of muffin puns (a lot of them happened during sex which was on the one hand fun and hilarious.. on the other hand calling someone’s vagina a muffin is a bit weird).

But then… the theme park date begins to end and suddenly there is marriage after someone threatens our girl. It just went from slow romance to POOF marriage. POOF done. These people barely know each other. Holy wow. Too soon. Too soon. And that part totally made me roll my eyes. Also really? If a guy I barely knew would call me his wife? I would have run away.

I did like our girl, I love that she loves baking, I love the food she makes and I would definitely visit her bakery to try out some good food.

The epilogues were fun, but apparently they also quickly went for insta, something else. Oh well, it was kind of sweet. But just way too fast for me.

I won’t be reading this series further. Insta-love is OK if it is written well (and this book seemed to go the right way), but in the end everything is just way too rushed.

Star rating, 3 stars

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