Review for New Girl

Review for New Girl

Secrets at St. Jude's, New Girl, Carmen Reid, Romance, Young Adult, Boarding School, Humour, Multiple POV, Purple, Colourful letters, Girl, Suitcase, California, Scotland, US, Humour, Funny, Friendship, PranksA Californian girl gets shipped to Scotland to go to a boarding school! A delight to read!

I am a big big fan of boarding school books, and I know that I tired this book before, but for some reason I couldn’t get for in it then. But given how I really need to be in the mood for a genre. 😛 My mind works funny. But this time I enjoyed this book to bits and I flew through it.

Meet Gina, a sweet girl who has done a few things too much wrong in her mother’s eyes (bad grades being the biggest one of them all) and she is shipped to her mom’s old school, St. Jude in Scotland. Yep, Californian girl in the middle of Scotland. Enjoy. That alone made me snicker and laugh as I could just imagine how that would go. I loved seeing those first weeks with Gina trying to figure out how and what. I was at least delighted that this girl found friends so quickly and that they bonded so easily. At first it seemed that things may go sideways, but in the end these girls just connected instantly. They were all different but still had things that matched. Gina was a sweet girl and while she does need to work on her grades and get to studying, I still found it admirable that she didn’t complain too much about the situation. I was worried about that.

I loved reading about what goes on at St Jude, have Gina discover more about her mom (not only through what teachers say.. but also with a little sneaking into archive rooms), I loved them making excuses so they could meet up at the cafe, meet up with boys. I loved the pranks they did and loved their talks on the fire escape. The lessons were quite fun though oh so strict that at times I wonder if the girls there learn something… or eventually just all forget it.

I had so many laughs while reading this one and that was just what I need. My mental health is going up a bit, but still too low to be healthy. At least now I got my vacation to look forward to. Not that I am going to do anything special as I am not the kind of person (and neither is my husband) to go to all the places just because they are open. But I can’t wait to just relax, I definitely need it.

There is plenty of romance as the girls fall for several cute guys that they meet on various places. Amy likes Jason, though I don’t know if she should like him that much given how he is (come on, he felt up Gina, he kissed your nemesis, and so on), but OK, I guess she will find out later. And I guess that he does have a sweet side to him. Then there is Gina who likes Dermot a boy who works as a waiter at a cafe the girls frequent (but don’t tell the headmistress that as she doesn’t want the girls anywhere near boys or alcohol). I do hope that we get more Dermot x Gina in the next books because this is one couple I am definitely rooting for.

The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was that the POV switched. I thought this one would just be about Gina, but quite soon Amy and the other girls also get some times to say their say. And it got really confusing. As we would be in the middle of Gina being the MC and then poof it was Amy and then Poof Niffy and then Poof Mimi. Sometimes I had to backtrack and make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

Oh, and can we please please, just stop with the mean girls please? It is just so stupid that each of these books about boarding school have a mean girl pop up. I am just rolling my eyes after so many of these stories now.

But all in all, I had so much fun reading this book and I loved it to bits. There is romance, humour, tons of sneaky pranks, and more. I definitely am going to read the rest of the series.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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