Review for Noodle Bear

Review for Noodle Bear

Noodle Bear, Mark Gravas, Red, Noodles, Bear, Cityscape, Humour, Funny, Children's Books, Picture Book, Food, Animals, Forest, FriendshipI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A bear with a mission. To eat all the noodles he can find. Yep, this bear is addicted. He loves all sorts of yummy noodles from fat to gravy (ewww). But the noodles are all out (this is what happens when you binge not only your favourite show but also your favourite food for 3 months straight, I am amazed that the bear still can walk). His friends do try to help him out… in their own way. Which didn’t help at all, but hey they tried.
He decides to head to the big big city far far away. I had a laugh at how he travelled and laughed even harder at that last vehicle and who was on it. HONK!

I loved the tv show though I would have liked to see it a bit more. Now it was just one page and that was just not enough for me. It was such a big thing in the book and then it was over before I knew it.

As expected, this is something we see more often in picture books, Bear misses something else in his life now. I loved his decision, I would have done the same. The travel part was once again hilarious, how far is the city from the forest????

The artstyle was just adorable and fun, I really love the style. It was a bit more cartoony than I normally see in picture books so I was very happy with something different. I want to check out more what this illustrator has done.

All in all a fun book with noodles of friendship. Recommended.

Star rating, 4 stars

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