Review for Pizza My Heart

Review for Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart, The Way To A Man's Heart, Book 1, Muscles, Abs, Sexy, Sex, Rushed, Instalove, Annoying, Romance, Sex, Brother, Pizza, Too Fast, Pink, Frankie LoveA cute, albeit it felt too fast, romance book about a guy who meets a girl and falls head over heels with her. There were things I enjoyed… but plenty I didn’t. Sadly.

I came across this book I believe through a book blog. I was interested immediately, the punny title, the semi-sexy half-naked dude, pizza, romance. I have to say I did enjoy this book, but the insta-love + how he just wanted to marry her were quite off-putting.

Yes, because that is how it goes. He meets Mirabella and instantly decides she will be his wife. BOOM. Like that. It was frankly a bit creepy and it felt rushed as heck. I get that you like her and that you are interested but please take it slow. This just felt so fake. Thankfully, there were parts that were a more realistic and a bit better and I could enjoy the romance at those points and I was awwing and delighted that these two found each other.

Matt(eo) was a pretty OK guy, though again it was creepy how he immediately wanted to marry a girl. Dude, just no. But I did like learning more about him, and I found it sweet that he didn’t let the whole Tony situation come between him and Mirabella. I loved reading about his restaurant, about his home, and loved his workouts (sadly, we just get one).

Mirabella was smitten yes, love at first sight, but at least she didn’t want to marry him instantly. But this sentence just had me thinking that maybe she should date a bit more: “Well, technically the only date of my life..”. Girl, what? Then again.. with that brother of her it kind of doesn’t amaze me. Still a bit weird that apparently she never dated but now magically she can. Still, to cry over a perfect kiss…. wow. I do love Mirabella and I love that she is working hard, that is showing the world she is a survivor, that she is strong.

Tony was just annoying. Bro, I get that your sister had something terrible. You lost your parents and you are worried you will lose her too. But you know what… this attitude of yours? That is going to make her leave and not because of how fragile you think she is (which she clearly isn’t). Treat her like a human, treat her normal. Now you are just barging in all the time.

There is also plenty of sex at one point in various ways. I did feel it was a bit fast, but hey, if people want to have sex on their first date, go ahead… it is just not for me. I did love the sex scenes, they were written really well.

The ending. Oh Lord. So he did ask her immediately and they didn’t have protective sex? Oh good lord. My rating before the epilogue, oh 3 stars because of the insta love and some other elements but it was good at other points, my rating after the epilogue, oh good lord, 2 stars, people why?

This is such a shame. I get that you only have 51 pages to fill, but do you need to rush everything? Do you need to instalove? Do you need to immediately go to proposals? This could have been fine if it just took it a bit slower, maybe add some epilogues like you do here with a time skip.

Will I be reading the next books? Definitely. Yes. I want to see if those are maybe better paced.

Star rating, 2 stars

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  1. Yikes, insta-love (and marriage feels) is definitely not a jam! It’s one of my most disliked romance tropes 😅 These characters also sound like they would probably really irritate me! If you’re looking for more “punny” romance titles I’d recommend Teagan Hunter’s books — her Texting series was amazing and she also has a book titled A Pizza My Heart (which I thought this was about initially LOL) — no insta-love-marriage vibes there! Great review 🙂

    1. Nope. Marriage vibes on the first meeting… just feels creepy and not romantic to me. *shvers* Ohhh, thank you for the suggestions, I will check them out, definitely love punny titles that make me giggle. Yay for none of those vibes. Phew! Thank you!

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