Review for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol.10, Vol.11 + Vol.12

Review for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol.10, Vol.11 + Vol.12

Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Volume 10, Sailor Saturn, Blue, Lights, Sailor Outfit, Fantasy, Battles, Circus, Mahou Shoujo, Manga, Naoko TaekuchiThese three volumes mark the ending of the Dead Moon Circus, the beginning of Galactica, and the ending of the manga. This is a combined review for the last 3 volumes.

Oh man, I am so glad I got to re-read this series, it was a ride. I remembered quite a couple of things BUT quite a few things were ones I couldn’t remember. I laughed, I cried, I loved seeing the characters (especially Usagi) grow in maturity and strength. The art was gorgeous. Now it is waiting again for a few years, maybe I will watch the anime in the mean time. I loved that one as it had filler and side stories and it all just connected better. In the manga it was a lot of battle battle and battle. At times I wanted to see the in between parts.

I wrote a review for each of the volumes!

Volume 10: Star rating, 5 stars:  I have to say that this really felt like the ending. This is how it just could have ended and I would have been happy. It was a perfect ending. But we all know that it will continue, we still got one part left before it all ends (or well, there will probably be more trouble but we won’t see that). We get a ton of insight in past lives of our characters. I really loved it, though it also made me sad. I am glad it was added and the learn more about how the worlds all worked. How Helios is connected to Mamo and to Usagi, how all three worlds form one.
This one also marks the power up for Usagi (who powers up faster than people in Dragon Ball do) to Eternal Sailor Moon. I would have loved to see that in colour as I remember in the anime it was a gorgeous transformation and full of colour.
It also marks the end of the Dead Moon Circus arc which really ends with a bang.
Chibi-Usa also get an extra something special and I was delighted that she did. She has really grown and I definitely like her better here than I did in the beginning. I am also so shipping her with Helios and I hope in the future they can be together. Plus, she now has her own sailor guardians, which isn’t a spoiler, we all know she would get someone eventually. She needs a team of her own.

Chibi-Chibi, Galaxia, Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Volume 11, Pink, Moon, Sailor Outfit, Fantasy, Manga, Shoujo, Mahou Shoujo, Battle, Friendship, Meteors, Princess, SingersVolume 11:  Star rating, 5 stars: A new arc is here. Mamo-chan is about to leave for the US (which was a bit weird, but that is an issue I have had with the manga, that it just jumps from battle to battle with little in between that makes it a bit confusing when something happens and you never saw it coming) and Usagi is about to say goodbye… when things go wrong. Enter Galaxia. This was a heart breaking volume because of what happened in this one. We all know something happened to Mamo-chan and my heart broke for Usagi when she found out what she suppressed. Not to mention.. Galaxia does things to all who are dear to us in the manga. I was almost crying and my heart just broke for Usagi. At least she got the Three Lights (who were amazing)… who turn out to be Sailor Guardians as well. Yes, this universe has more Sailor Guardians than you may think, and I absolutely loved it.
We also meet people from the planets that Galaxia conquered… people who know some of our animals closely (the crows, the cats).
Oh, and there is a mysterious little girl who is quite strong.. and she is a sailor guardian as well! I loved that they were speculating if it was a child of Usagi or if it was Chibi-Usa’s kid. 😛 The volume ends on a big cliffhanger, oh my! All in all, a fantastic volume that I greatly enjoyed.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon, Chibi-Usa, Chibi-Chibi, Family, Fantasy, Final Battle, Battle, Galaxia, Mahou Shoujo, Romance, Manga, PrincessVolume 12: Star rating, 5 stars: It is the great finale. The strongest sailor guardian/princess, Sailor Moon versus the biggest evil the world has seen, Galaxia. Be prepared to cheer, cry, laugh, cry some more. Because this volume is just heartbreaking and so well written. Sailor Moon, the princess, the Three Lights and Chibi-Chibi all head to Galactia to find and fight Galaxia and get the world saved again. Usagi, oh Lord, I just wanted to hug her and tell her things would be all right. Because things get tough, especially when she sees her friends again… but they are not her friends and her lover is not her lover. Oh my gosh, I just can’t imagine how hard it was for Usagi at the moment. Thankfully she does have some help as Chibi-Usa comes back from the future again with her team and tries to help out. Again, I love how mature Chibi-Usa has become. Her mom in the future.. I just wish she had let her daughter go sooner. Usagi could have used Chibi-Usa’s help. We learn who this mysterious Chibi-Chibi is, and be prepared to have your brain broken. 😛 I was happy with the reveal though.
The battles were intense but I was so delighted to see that Usagi didn’t give up hope, just found more courage, more love, more hope inside of her showing why she is indeed the strongest in the universe. She has to make a difficult choice in this one and I loved what she decided to do.
The ending was great… however I would have loved it to be a bit longer because now it felt a bit rushed. But I am happy to see that event. Yay!

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