Review for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol.6 + Vol.7

Review for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol.6 + Vol.7

Naoko Takeuchi, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 6, Chibi-Usa, Chibi-Moon, Sailor Moon, Magical Girl, Mahou Shoujo, Battles, Senshi, Fantasy, Manga, Pink, Moon, Death Busters, Mugen Academy, The Death Busters saga begins. New sailor scouts. New threats and dangers. Will Sailor Moon and her friends beat the evil again? Review for Volume 6 and Volume 7.

Volume 6: Star rating, 4 stars: When all seems to be quiet and peaceful a new enemy appears that has to do with the Mugen Academy. I definitely loved that the Death Busters are here! And I am also delighted to meet Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto! I am not sure how I felt about Haruka at times, her flirting with Usagi was just a bit too cringy for me giving that Usagi is in a relationship (I feel sorry for Usagi that everyone tries to kiss her without her permission). Plus later on Haruka says: “Stop hanging out along my route home. I might take advantage of you.” Wtff?? That is just a big no in my book. I also get pain in my boobs, as Haruka has (given some images) quite the boobs, but since she generally walks around dresses as a male (and everyone calls her that) she must have strapped in those boobs, ouch. There are some plotholes that had me rolling my eyes. Also you would think that Chibi-Usa knows better than to show her true identities to everyone, but apparently she doesn’t care (and she should just not walk away from things if she has appointments with people). I know that Hotaru is x, but Hotaru doesn’t know that and for now she may not even be Hotaru completely. I did think the friendship between them was sweet. I did think it was hilarious that the girls thought that Uranus and Neptune could be enemies (and even thought one of them was a Tuxedo Mask).
There was a lot of excitement and we learn tons of things about our new enemies. I love Witches 5, and their design was fantastic. Though I did think it was hilarious that there was one for each senshi. 😛

Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus, Haruka, White, Blue, Fantasy, Mahou Shoujo, Magical Girl, Fantasy, Battles, Princess, Manga, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 7, Action, Naoko TakeuchiVolume 7:  Star rating, 5 stars: The second volume in the Death Busters saga and we learn about Sailor Saturnus. The girl who will bring forth ruin and destruction. It was an interesting volume to read with plenty of action, transformations, and more. And also some stupid Chibi-Usa stuff, you know that Usagi told you not to show people everything, that you got to keep things secret? Don’t show your Silver Crystal to people then.. Dumb brat. I also wasn’t a fan how the outer sailor senshi acted towards Sailor Moon and the other senshi. We later learn why, but I still was shaking my head. It was just ridiculous and even more ridiculous when Usagi goes in Serenity mode and suddenly the trio is acting all friendly and kind. rolls eyes Just be honest with Usagi, just tell her immediately why instead of acting like a couple of twats. I loved the battle that happened and all that came with it. Revelations, secrets, and go go Hotaru, fight it! I loved learning more about the outer senshi and where they were during the peaceful times on the moon. Super Sailor Moon appears and boy I wish I could see her outfit in colour because I know it is just absolutely stunning to see.
Oh and the art was gorgeous… but at times the legs (and arms) were just like the noodle legs that CLAMP at times has. 😛

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