Review for Ready for a Scare? (2020 Re-read)

Review for Ready for a Scare? (2020 Re-read)

Ready for a Scare, You're Invited to a Creepover, Laptop, Girl, Creepover, Horror, Children's Books, Ready for a Scare?The next re-read is here and this time it is this spooky, but given the ending slightly disappointing read. Sleepovers, ghosts, and peppermint.

I have written a review in 2014 and I wanted to write a new review alongside of it. Bold is new, non-bold is the old.

The main character was so-so. I didn’t like her attitude of always trying to scare people. I keep wanting to tell her about the boy who cried wolf, in the end no one believed him. And I am sure that will happen to her to, should she continue with this. In the end there really will be a dangerous situation, and no one will believe her, rather laugh at her, with big consequences.
Speak the truth 6 year-ago me! I was so annoyed with this girl that she always had to scare her friends. Sorry, but if I had a friend like that? I would definitely not been around much longer. I like the scare people, but not constantly. It is not constantly on my mind to think of new spooky and creepy things. Just at times when the mood is right I want to scare someone. And I am also getting it back quite soon after. 😛 This girl should just calm down a bit and maybe find some more hobbies before people leave her. Also, I agree with my old review, I can see that happen. Boy cried wolf vibed, big ones.

I did like the whole sleeping party and the whole story that came out of that. But again, that ending. Urgh. It happens quite often in this series, awesome story and then bang, some explanation and gone is the scary mood. 🙁
Yep. The sleeping party was fun and I loved that the girls (and Spencer) were able to hold their sleepover despite the weather and the restrictions. Internet is amazing and it is great for things like this. It was fun to see them do all sorts of activities, though it all comes down to horror stories. The story itself was also creepy and it was good to read and I did get the goosebumps I wanted to have (because it is hot as hell here the past days), but yes, I agree again with me of 6 years ago, the ending ruined the mood. I would have loved to see something else rather than what we got here.

I am not sure how I feel about Gavin. I just found it odd that he was there to begin with. I mean, if my best friend had a sleepover/birthday celebration? I wouldn’t bring along someone new that no one knows yet. It was at times just so awkward and strange. Everyone didn’t know what to make of the situation.

I did like the cover, it is so spooky and haunting. I love the girl in the screen and the girl looking at us with menace and evil.

-1 star for disappointing ending. Let’s start with that. Man that ending was soooo disappointing. And not even that but the thing that happened before it. Let’s just say we had a totally awesome book, awesome scary events happening, and bang, bye bye scariness and hello lame explanation which ruined the book for me. I am just pretending that that didn’t happen and instead we continue with were we left off.
Yep, still agree with me here. The book makes it all scary and spooky and then we get x happening and the whole scariness bursts like a bubble. Then the author tries to make it creepy again, but for me the whole effect was ruined.

Still despite the ending that just ruined the mood. I had fun reading this one. It gave me some coolness in a hot couple of days. I still got a couple of these books left to re-read, now to decide which one is next.

Star rating, 4 stars

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