Review for Scandalous Passions

Review for Scandalous Passions

Scandalous Passions, Highland Menage, Nicola Davidson, Purple, Man, Women, Polyarmorous, Romance, Multiple POV, Sword, Scotland, King, Queen, Sex, HistoricalA sexy and swoony story set in Scotland. I loved it!

I spotted this one a fellow blogger‘s site (check out their great review) and was instantly curious. Now, those who know me know that I am not a fan of love triangles and this had 3 people in love. However going by the reply from the blogger and the review this wouldn’t be that. It would just be about three people deeply in love with each other in harmony and agreement. Lachlan loves Marjorie and Janet, Janet loves Marjorie and Lachlan, Marjorie loves Lachlan and Janet.

Meet Janet, a woman who has her own will, loves sex, isn’t afraid to be a bit, ok a lot, controversial. Kicks major butt. I felt sorry for her when we found out she isn’t able to get any children. 🙁 I also wanted to hug her because at times she was so insecure about love, which I could understand given everything that happened in her life.

Meet Marjorie, a woman who is still a virgin and was deported to a convent due to what her father did. She is now free again, waiting for the king to provide her a husband. She is sweet and naive, but eager to learn and I love seeing her get more and more assertive about things and in the end she was almost as wicked as Janet.

Meet Lachlan, a man with many scars and many battles under his belt. He hasn’t had the easiest life, but he is doing his best to be there for everyone. I found his speech troubles (he stutters, has a hard time finding the words) interesting addition as you don’t expect that with such a big bad man. The author definitely wrote it well. I loved that despite him being such a big man that he loved to be dominated.

Lachlan is already in love with Janet, and has been for some time. But soon he will also fall for Marjorie. And Janet for him and Marjorie. And Marjorie… well you get it. I definitely loved seeing these three people get together and find each other. They don’t always have it easy, but they make the best out of it and I am just delighted with how wonderful they all are. They help and protect each other.

I loved that it was set in Scotland and that we also saw the troubles between England and Scotland. That we read about the English Queen that our Scottish King married and the trouble that comes with that. We read about dudes who just need to learn that no is no and stays no. We see rolling countryside and gorgeous lochs.

The three POV (Lachlan, Janet, and Marjorie) was nice, though at times a bit confusing for me. Probably also has to do with my fried brain. Eventually I did get more into it and I was happy we got to see each of the characters thoughts and ideas.

I absolutely was delighted that Janet was bi, and Marjorie I guess as well though she isn’t as out as Janet is. Janet is proud to love both men and women, not afraid to hide the fact and I just adored that.

I had a bit of a giggle at the idea of sex lessons for Marjorie. She definitely needed it and I guess it is good that she found Janet to teach her all the ways. Oh my. Given the ending… I guess Marjorie isn’t the only one getting lessons now, teehee. Good job Janet.

The sex scenes, and there are plenty, were amazingly written (well except for the cunt part, see below) though I have to say I am still getting used to sex scenes. These days I can pretty much handle two people having sex in books without feeling embarrassed or thinking this should be private and I shouldn’t watch this, but three seemed to be a touch to far at times. Man, my head was just burning up. 😛 Still I read on because the scenes were so well-written and I just loved seeing our trio get together in one happy sex party.

BUT I just was put off from the use of cunt all the time they talked about vaginas. I have never seen the word cunt used for sex stuff, whenever I see it in books or movies it is meant as a curse towards a person, a very bad curse. So I am not sure why the author thought this was a good idea to use it here. I have to say that it did pull me out of the sex scenes quite a bit.

Also, despite just being 164 pages… it felt more like 300 given how long it took me to read it. It was a good book, but for some reason I just didn’t seem to get through it. Each time I would think I would be many pages further but in reality I just read 5 pages.

But I am definitely happy I found this book and that I had the chance to read it because WOW, this was just so much fun and such a great story with amazing characters you just want to root for. And then there are sexy and steamy scenes, oh my! I would recommend this one if you want a sexy Scottish story featuring three wonderful characters in love.

Star rating, 4 stars

2 thoughts on “Review for Scandalous Passions

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I was curious about the that word myself and looked it up while I was reading (I love the origin/evolution of words). Its usage seems to have been common in medieval England, with ‘Gropecunt Lane’ a common name for streets with brothels. The things you learn. LOL

    1. I also did a little looking up, but didn’t get as far as you did. But that is interesting to read, though lol at the name of that lane, Gropecunt. How fitting. 🤣 So I guess the author went for historically correct, but I am still not sure how I feel about it. 😂

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