Review for Soon – Volume 1

Review for Soon – Volume 1

Soon - Book 1, Thomas Cadène, Benjamin Adam, Sci-Fi, End of The World, Travelling, Space, Astronaut, Safety Suit, Ruins, Green, Blue, Graphic Novel, Earth, Environment, Mother, Son, Family, Africa, America, AsiaI received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Often I stay away from books about environment as it just depresses me. Often the books just make it seem like we are all doomed which is definitely not good for me to hear. But despite the environment message and the doom that happened, I wanted to read the book. I was curious about Simone, about her mission, about her relationship with her son, plus I wanted to see the urban zones that are so important.

We see how Simone and her son are travelling over the world, meeting new people, showing us the world and how it is now. Or well, in the first she is with her son, but for the other two cities he is either alone or with a friend of his mother. Yep, in this book we just see 3 of the 7 urban zones. Still it is a lot of travelling. America, Africa, Asia, at least going by names. I loved to see how they travelled, I loved the technology that is all over the place, and I loved that he is learning so much about the world, not always is he happy with the impressions, it seems to overwhelm him, which is logical. It seems he mostly stayed in the same place, so culture shock is something that happens.

We learn of Simone’s mission and how some people admire her for her will to go to space, never to come back, but others see only waste of resources, danger, and they curse her. As we go through the urban zones we can clearly see protesters.. but also admirers. I did feel sorry for Simone that she had to go through all this, but I was also proud that despite all the nasty she got over her she held her head high.

Between each part of Simone and her son travelling we read about what happened to the earth told by Simone. While I was happy to get some background, I wasn’t too big of a fan of these parts, mainly due to how they were told. They were told in a whole different way and feel than the other parts. At least for me. I also at times was confused how to read it, at times it was quite chaotic. Plus, it just got a tad boring, I had to really pick myself up to get through it.

The art is REALLY good, I quite love the style of it.

But will I read the next book? Not sure, as I said I am not a fan of the parts between the travelling, and if that continues in the next one… eh. If it is just travelling, the imminent leaving of his mother and the fact she never comes back, then I would love to continue this one.

Star rating, 3 stars

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