Review for The Diary of the (Nearly) Zero-Waste Family

Review for The Diary of the (Nearly) Zero-Waste Family

The Diary of the (Nearly) Zero-Waste Family, Green ,Trash, Zero-Waste, Family, Graphic Novel, Brother, Sister, Plastic, Save the Earth, Bénédicte Moret, Bit Preachy, Children, Parents,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was on the one hand curious and on the other hand apprehensive when I saw the title of this book. I have met a couple of people like this one the internet and believe me… oh boy they can be a bit too much. So I was worried about the preachiness levels of this book. Still, I was in the mood for a graphic novel/comic and decided to heck with it and try it out.

Since my previous paragraph may seem a bit eh, I have nothing against trying to do zero waste, if you have the possibilities and want to stick your time in it, go for it. What I am against is people who preach and think EVERYONE should do it. No matter what. No excuses, just do it. So yeah, I was worried this book would be the preachy kind, thankfully, not that much.. still a bit though.

We learn all about the family at first, about the dad (who was just too much for me as he was also against tupperware/plastic containers and anything plastic), the mom (with a shoe obsession), the daughter (who had the big attitude), and their son (who loved to streak and run around to be one with nature). After that she talks on and on about climate change and why they wanted to try to go zero waste. I had a laugh at the if we all eat a little less meat and then only listing one day with meat. Great if that works for you. I am sorry, I have a body that needs meat. I cannot thrive on one day of meat. Believe me, I was a vegetarian for 5 years, but with allergies for nuts, peanuts, several other food stuff, and a intolerance for soy (meaning I can eat little bits of it, but I have to be careful as it can happen that my intolerance grows and that I cannot eat soy at all without getting sick which has happened twice now in my life). I was skinny as hell, my body got sick all the time, my eczema flared up, and I could go on. I don’t mind eating no meat for a day, maybe two, but the other days need to have meat. I am sorry.
I have to say that I was just hoping for the family stuff to start. I heard all this stuff before, I know what will happen. I know what we as people have to do. And apparently recycling is bad as well. sighs

And then we finally get to seeing the family try to go zero-waste and I can honestly tell you. Not for me. Sorry environment. For many reasons, like I cannot visit the local cheese shop to get cheese because they also carry nuts/peanuts. Medicines are still needed in our lives or things will go bad. With my mental health and a body that is often tired/not feeling well it is just not viable for me to make everything from scratch like detergents and body stuff. I don’t want to stop with Lego as that is one of the things that brings joy in my life. But like I said, I try. I keep an eye on what I buy. I recycle. I organise, I make my own cookies/cakes (at least for most, still need to try make cheesecake). I am already glad that supermarkets are doing all they can to make sure that plastic is getting less and less which helps me. Hopefully in the future there will be even less plastic.

It was interesting to read about the family though and see how much they tried to do. How crazy they got at times, how hard it was to get everyone to help out, how people reacted (which I just found silly, just respect people), it was quite admirable to see them figure things out and work out between each other to see what worked best for them. It didn’t always work out, or the kids ate the stuff that was meant as a beauty product (would have done the same given how the looked), but they continued on and found new solutions. I loved this family and I love to see that things are possible for people. I loved how enthusiastic the kids were and how eager they were to help and eventually even did some awesome things.

One thing I didn’t like and that didn’t really work on my screen was the font. The curly one, handwritten like. It just was barely readable and it didn’t help if I upped my % because it only got more blurry then. 😛

The art was really fun and energetic and I liked the style.

All in all though, I am glad I read this book, it wasn’t always for me (some parts were just a bit preachy), but I loved seeing this family get together and try make an effort and do something awesome.

Star rating, 3 stars

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