Review for The Oddmire: Changeling

Review for The Oddmire: Changeling

Changeling, The Oddmire, Book 1, Adventure, Goblins, Fantasy, Adventure, Multiple POV, Twins, Brothers, Witches, Bears, Villains, William Ritter, Thorns, Birds, Shadows, BoysI received this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review. Look forward to the Blog Tour for Book 2 hitting my blog on June 25th!

I have been looking forward to reading these books for some time so imagine my delight when I got a mail from the publisher! They wanted me to be part of the tour, and if I wanted to read the books that would also be great. Of course I did a big bookshimmy and a big scream of joy.

It took me a bit to read the book. While I do want to read it.. when books are a MUST read or a HAVE to read… I tend to get a bit stuck. Thank High School and forced reading of books for that one. But in the end I did read it and I really really liked it. It was such a playful and adventurous read.

It all starts when a goblin enters a home to change the baby for a changeling… and that is where it all goes wrong, because instead of easily being able to see who is who… the changeling is so real that he cannot figure out which to bring with him, he then gets disturbed and so instead of one kid… mom now has two kids. Cue to the now time as we see that the boys are having a great time together.

And then the adventure starts as the kids get a note in English from the Goblin (he has tried for years to write but they never knew as he wrote in Goblin/English-ish) with an urgent message. The changeling needs to come to the Wild Woods to save the Woods, the magic, and everything. As you can imagine they both go. These two are twins and they are not about to let the other go. I loved that! I love their adventures in the woods and seeing what and who they encounter there. The woods are a dark dark place and it is filled with magic. Well. Less magic than it used to have. Because there is something dark lurking there that eats all that come to it.

I loved our twins, I loved how sweet they were and how eager to help out the goblin. I loved that while they encountered some creepy and scary things that they never gave up. Or if things seemed dark that they held each other up and motivated the other. Of course, I was curious who the changeling was, and it took a long while before we find out. Until then it is just guessing, more guessing, and more guessing.

Then there is our Goblin who seems to be an actually nice guy! I was surprised about that as most goblin stories aren’t filled with sweet goblins, but these are actually OK folk. I loved that! I loved how dedicated he was and how eager he was to help out the changeling.

Fable is a girl who can shapeshift, I don’t see this a spoiler because you know about it very soon. She is a bit oblivious about the real world and at times highly obnoxious. Still I liked her. Sadly, not my favourite character, but maybe I will like her more in further stories.

Witch/Queen was a great character, I loved her. She was grumpy, but also willing to help. Plus, given her past… I can imagine that she may have turned the way she did.

Lastly there is the twins mum. Yep. This woman is not about to let her kids go on a scary adventure on her own and I just loved that. This woman just heads off in the forest, no care about food or making sure she has supplies. She just runs after her kids. I loved that she accepted both boys and sees them as her children. No matter how the goblin is and who the human. She was by far my favourite character of the book.

It was such an exciting read and we discover new things constantly. Creatures, history, and more. There is a bit of humour as well. It definitely held my attention and made it tons of fun to read.

The ending was fantastic and definitely opens many possibilities for many more stories.

There was just one thing I wasn’t very enthusiastic about and that was that there were too many POV and they all ran in one another at times (once even mid sentence which was just highly confusing). While in the end I am happy that everyone got their say, I think it would have been best if it had been more organised.

But all in all, a great read and I would definitely recommend it. I am going to be reading the second book soon.

Star rating, 4 stars

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