Review for The Wizerd Vol. 1: And the Potion of Dreams!

Review for The Wizerd Vol. 1: And the Potion of Dreams!

The Wizerd Vol. 1: And the Potion of Dreams!, The Wizerd, Archer, Warrior, Potion, Jail, Prison, Money, Loot, Michael Sweater, Rachel Dukes, Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Battles, WizardsAn annoying warrior princess and a wizerd and oh yes an archer are on a quest (or to a town) to find ingredients for a potion.

This sounded really great, I like that Wizard was misspelled to Wizerd, the art looked great. But sadly this was a disappointment.

The warrior princess was just so annoying and aggravating. I was not a fan of her at all. I get that she wants to be big and strong… but attacking someone in their home is just not the way to go. Then breaking into their home, eating all their food. Just a no. But later on it just gets worse with this character and at times I just wished a dragon would eat her.

The wizerd was a fun and interesting person, but I was disappointed that they barely did any magic (if they did at all, I kind of lost focus at points). Later on we do find out they quit wizerding… so does that still make him a wizerd then? Or just a person who loves magic and making potions?

Before we can even get into getting to know the Wizerd there is the warrior before we even get to know the warrior (not that I wanted to) there is the archer (who btw forgot all her stuff).

The story itself felt chaotic and at times I just had to scroll back to make sure I read things right.

Plus, you know I came here for a quest. A journey! Not pages of prison and jails and easily gotten ingredients. Plus, I found it quite strange that no one (not Wallace nor the archer) helped out their Wizerd friend, at least immediately. I mean the wizerd has been sent to an out of town prison… yet no one cared to help him? Wth?

I did like the art. It was fun, fluid, and creative with tons of little details to find.

The next volume seems to promise a quest.. But frankly I am just not going to read that. Wallace is annoying (has been throughout the book), the story is chaotic.

Star rating, 1 stars

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