Review for Unpregnant

Review for Unpregnant

Unpregnant, Jenni Hendriks, Ted Caplan, Pink, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Test, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Abortion, Road Trip, Friendship, LGBT, Hand, PinkA girl finds out she is pregnant and takes a roadtrip to undergo abortion.

I read this one in Dutch but will write my review in English. I am not sure if the names are changed, but know that I am using the ones in the Dutch book.

Meet Veronica, a top student, a girl who has it all… and then discovers that she is pregnant. She decides to go for an abortion but since her state doesn’t allow it she decides to take a roadtrip. At first she wants to do it with her boyfriend (who turns out to be a giant douchecanoe) and then decide to grab the girl who was making fun of her for her pregnancy test… aka her former best friend. Will they get there in time and back before anyone notices anything? In the meantime her friends (who she was supposed to be on a weekend) think she is with Kevin. Oh my.

I loved that Bailey and Veronica are able to bond… despite the tons of bumps. The trip to the abortion was a lot of arguments but also with conversations, remembering fond memories, making new memories, and more. I did love seeing the girls bond… though I wasn’t a fan of when each time that it seemed to go right.. the next it would go down again.

These girls definitely need some management skills in money. I have to honestly say that throughout the book I was wondering if they even had money left for the abortion or if they totally splurged it on lapdances, gas, food, food, food, and food, and other things.

I wasn’t a fan of Bailey. At times she showed a sweet and caring side which I loved, like how she would go with Veronica on a trip despite them not having been friends for years or how supportive she was.. but other times… I mean she wastes so many of the money on freaking lapdances, goes inside someone’s house without even caring to check, smokes weed, trespasses, and does some other crap that just didn’t work for me. At times I wonder if it would have been better for Veronica to just find someone else, because I am sure she would have gotten to where she needed to be faster. But I guess, just like the conveniently disastrous trip, we wouldn’t have a book.

Kevin? Kevin can just burn in a fiery pit of lava for all I care. When we find out what shitty thing he did I was just so utterly pissed. That is not what you do. NO WAY. And then he proceeds to stalk her all the way to the abortion place which I found highly inappropriate and super creepy. That is not normal behaviour dude.

I do wonder why Veronica is friends with those girls. From what I see they were mostly hoping that they could have Kevin and didn’t really care that Veronica was with him. They kept demanding pictures, and later on the way they reacted to the news was.. not good. I guess for popularity sake?

The trip was well… a bit too conveniently disastrous to me. Anything that could go wrong… went wrong. It just felt a bit too forced and too much made for the girls to bond (or get in arguments whichever happened first) and to make the trip a bit harder for everyone. I am sorry, I am sure there are other ways to make a trip harder that didn’t involve stolen cars, stripclubs, people with ferrets, hiding in sewer pipe, just to name a few.

I did have a hard time that Veronica never thought of what she had in her. She only thought of it as something in the way of everything that she wanted to do. And that didn’t make me happy, instead I felt rather sad about it. She never really thought of the baby, her child. And I get that she doesn’t want it, but I would have at least seen her think about the baby, the child for a few times.

The ending was good, I am quite happy with it (and had a big laugh at Veronica’s warning to her friends), though I would have loved an epilogue with Veronica and Bailey graduating.

Despite the issues that I had… I couldn’t stop reading and I flew through this book and it was a good read. New-found friendships, a road trip with various interesting sights (plus, I want those pancakes), I did have fun reading this one. I read the first 200 pages in a flash, sadly had to go to sleep as it was late, and the rest I flew through the next day.

Star rating, 3 stars

4 thoughts on “Review for Unpregnant

  1. Great review! I feel like Veronica probably never thought about the baby because if she thought about it she would be forced to really think about her decision rather than just doing as quickly as possible. But i feel like the author could have included a bit of that internal struggle monologue in her novel. Definitely an interesting book!

    1. Thank you! I guess I can understand that, it is a scary thing she had to do. I am glad I am not alone in thinking some internal struggle could have been added. It was indeed an interesting book, I am very happy that I had the chance to read it. 🙂

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