Review for Warikitta Kankei Desukara. Vol.1

Review for Warikitta Kankei Desukara. Vol.1

Warikitta Kankei Desukara., Vol.1, Flowerchild, Manga, Sexual Assualt, Sex, LGBT, Teacher, Annoying Friend, Yuri, Women, Stripping, KissingI was browsing around for some new Yuri when I encountered this one. I am not sure how I feel about reading this one, because it was pretty eh at times. Warning sexual assault.

It is about a girl who starts online dating with a woman, a high schoolteacher. The teacher at first thinks that Aya is an adult, but Aya lied. But, oh the teacher doesn’t mind, she likes her girls in high school mode it seems. Later on they meet and Aya (the girl) gets assaulted (as I would call it given everything) by the teacher. Despite this happening and Aya clearly breaking from what happened, they keep meeting, they keep kissing and they go further.

The relationship is very very toxic (not to mention that our teacher keeps shouting out the name of the girl she liked in the past during sexy moments and they even decided that it is OK to do that, wtf?). Why keep reading then? Well I am kind of hoping that despite all that is happening that they learn and that they see it is toxic, that their relationship isn’t healthy. That it is an adult female taking advantage of a teen female, that they need to either wait or balance things out. And at times it does seem that their relationship is working out, but something just feels off the whole time.

Then there is the best friend Haruki, and while I found her a tad overprotecting throughout the book it reaches a very big low near the end of this volume and I just didn’t like what she did there. That is not how you protect a friend. You value their privacy. Later on we see her go further and I was just shaking my head. This is how you destroy friendships. I get that you are worried, and I guess you should, but this is not the way to do things. This will only hurt your friend.

It seems that we are also getting a new character, and I am just not sure how I feel about that. I get vibes from other manga in my head, and believe me those vibes are in the nice boat region.

The art is gorgeous though. I really love how everything was drawn.

But will I continue? I will probably wait until the series is complete, maybe then give it a shot. That way I can just go to the ending if I am not up to reading it all.

Star rating, 3 stars

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