Waiting on Wednesday ~ Heart Bones

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Heart Bones

Evening all!

Happy humpday everyone and welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday!! This week I am eagerly awaiting Heart Bones, the upcoming book by Colleen Hoover. dances

I am a big fan of Colleen Hoover, she has written some amazing books that had me crying/getting emotional, that were my favs. I am a bit behind on my Colleen Hoover reads, still got a few new releases to check out. But one I am planning on reading very soon as I bought it for my Kindle. But I am excited about each new release. I have no clue what this one is going to be about as no one, not Amazon and not Goodreads, have any blurb up. 😛 Given that she always write about romance and often combines that with a realistic issue (divorce/cheating/family issues) I am guessing it will be something like that. I can’t wait until July 28th!

Since there is no blurb, I will just share the cover with a link to Goodreads today.

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