Friday’s Page 69 ~ Beyond Platform 13

Friday’s Page 69 ~ Beyond Platform 13

Beyond Platform 13, Beatriz Castro, Sibéal Pounder, Eva Ibbotson, Magic, Fantasy, Island, Pixies, Children's Books, Illustrations, Girl, Train, Purple Cape/Hood, Dog, Doors, Grass, Train station, Platform
‘CAN SOMEONE PLEASE DISPOSE OF THIS I went to Hans-ome Cheeses and Bought This Cheese PLAQUE,’ Mrs Smith roared, kicking it with her talon straight at Netty’s face. ‘WE’LL DECIDE WHO WINS THE FINAL ROUND WHEN WE SEE HOW YOU’VE DONE WITH MY SHOPPING LISTS.’ And, with that, she flew out of the room, leaving a foul-smelling trail as she went.

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