Library Haul 27-7-2020 (Vacation Edition)

Library Haul 27-7-2020 (Vacation Edition)

Afternoon all,

Welcome to a new Library Haul, this time a special Vacation Edition!

Yep, I am camping again! Today is our second day and I decided I wanted to go to the library today. I just couldn’t wait until Wednesday. Apparently the library is only open for 3 days a week now due to Corona. At least it is open and that makes me happy!

It was nice and calm at the library and I was one of 3 people there. I just loved the quiet and peace. No worries of maybe having to get too close to someone. Just relaxed walking around finding some books. I had to ask how many books I could borrow as it has been a year. It was 25 materials, which made me happy as that meant I could bring plenty if I wanted. And since this vacation will be mostly spend around the campsite, I can always use more books other than the stack I brought with me (see here).

I grabbed quite a few books and was very happy to see a couple of books over at this library as they were books I have been meaning to read, but sadly Library #2 didn’t have them for me. Now I can read them. No need to wait 4/5 weeks. dances I also grabbed a few comics, I just love reading those.

So, this girl can read and as soon as I got this post up… that is what I will do.

I won’t add a book list, but you can check my shelves on Goodreads if you want a link to the books. Though for the comics, I may just grab the other language edition as I am just not in the mood to add all the books to Goodreads.

Stats: 17 books. 5 comics, 2 magazines, 5 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

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2 thoughts on “Library Haul 27-7-2020 (Vacation Edition)

    1. Haha, yes, but those are at home. 😛 I am currently camping and I could bring a box of books which includes a couple of those library books.Sadly, the 60 books just wouldn’t fit. 😛

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