Library Haul 4-7-2020

Library Haul 4-7-2020

Afternoon all,

Happy Saturday all and welcome to a new Library #3 Haul!

Been a long time since I last visited Library #3 (May), so I was eager to head back. I would have gone sooner but with my vacation coming up I wanted to time it the best way I could, and while I still need to renew them during my vacation, at least if a book cannot be renewed the fee won’t be too high.

Things were settling back to normality at the library. Last time I had to throw my books in a garbage container (cleaned, of course), we had to go a separate entrance, you had baskets, there were less people. While this time I could use the machine inside to bring the books back. The new books were back to where they belonged, and there were other things that were normal. Of course, enough that still clearly showed we were in a pandemic and you had to keep distance, safety, and other precautions. But I definitely felt more comfortable now in the library than in May.

I had fun walking around the library visiting various spots, grabbing new books, looking for books.

I was so delighted to find some Lctrr books at the library for once! I love Lcctr’s art… but the books are just WAY too expensive for me to buy (20 euros, ouch). I was already resigned to not reading the books, but thankfully Library #3 had my back. Hopefully they add the rest as well.

Oh, and I am glad that Tine Bergen’s books for the College series were there. Last time I got one of her books… and found out when I wanted to read it that it was actually book 3. Library #3 is the only one who also has book 1 and 2 (yes, don’t ask why libraries here randomly add books in a series) so I had to wait until today before I could grab them. All the while hoping for 6 weeks that no one would take them. 😛

So I got plenty of books to read and I cannot wait to dig in. Najib and the animal/garden book will have to wait until my vacation, but the others will be read in the coming weeks before my vacation.

STATS: 11 books. 3 non-fiction, 5 comics/graphic novels, 4 fiction.

NOTE: Two books aren’t on Goodreads, will be adding them when I read them.

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The Ghouls of Howleair by Nick Tom
Hoe help ik de dieren in mijn tuin? by Helen Bostock, Sophie Collins
Lecttr grijnst by Lcttr
Lecttr graait by Lctrr
Najib by Marcel Langedijk
Onderbuik by Tine Bergen
Onderstroom by Tine Bergen
De maagd en de neger by Judith Vanistendael
Jouw konijn, jouw geluk by Vianne Scharloo
Weten hoe de wereld klinkt by Giacomo Bevilacqua
Camping Paraiso by Marc Legendre

7 thoughts on “Library Haul 4-7-2020

    1. Libraries are just such wonderful places, I have missed them when they closed for almost 3 months. Thanks for commenting~

        1. Oh no! 🙁 Sorry to hear that, but good to hear that they are planning on opening soon (now it is hoping that doesn’t change).

    1. I know the feeling, the libraries here were closed for 3 months! 🙁 So I hope they open up soon for you! 2020 isn’t a good year (wish we could just push a reset button).

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