Review for Arlo Finch in the Lake of the Moon

Review for Arlo Finch in the Lake of the Moon

Arlo Finch in the Lake of the Moon, Arlo Finch, Monster, Moon, Forest, Lake, Canoe, Paddles, Night, Boy, Girl, Crest, Children's Books, Fantasy, Monsters, Adventure, ScoutsA brand-new Arlo Finch story this time with time travel, summer camp, scouts, and more!

WOW, just WOW. That was this story. Arlo Finch is back and this time he is in more danger than ever. But there is also summer camp, revelations, headbreaking time travel, and friendship.

The book starts with a new discovery by Arlo… he has found a strange broken bridge.. with on the other side his friends and fellow scouts. How? Why? Are they doppelgangers? Or are they baddies? It was definitely a great start, and later on the story gets better as we meet old and new characters and warnings happen.

But the best parts are when it is time for summer camp and Arlo and his friends are off to have a great summer filled with learning, swimming, and fun. Yes, learning, because you have all these ranks and you have to work hard to level up. But I definitely wouldn’t have minded learning given what kind of things they were taught. I would love to be there and learn all these new things. About sprites and what wanders around the forest.

But, this is Arlo Finch, things happen. We get prophecies. We get strange things going bump in the night that are definitely stranger than the normal stuff.

And then at one point Arlo travels back in time. Yes. And from that moment on the book became EPIC… but also OMG my head. dies My husband had quite a lot of fun hearing me exclaim each time something happened that explained stuff from the first book or from Arlo Finch’s past and even tied up things we saw in the start of the book. It was amazingly written but boy oh boy my head. I do love that the author added it and made it so much fun and so interesting. We also learn about what happened to Yellow Patrol and what happened many years ago. At times I just went to my hubby (I was already in bed and he was still doing some stuff at his PC) to tell him all the shocking revelations.

I wasn’t a big fan of either Wu or Indra as they both expected Arlo to pick either of them in various situations and that just annoyed me. He is both your friend. I just felt sorry for Arlo that he was often right in the middle of them and they just didn’t do much together.

I knew that there was something up with Thomas… just what? How did I know? Well, the fact that he came out of nowhere is one thing, that he coincidentally comes with Arlo Finch’s group, and oh yes the inconsistent stories he told about how he came to the camp. We later find out more and more about Thomas and oh boy the author did good on writing this one.

I did feel sorry for Arlo’s sister (and in that point also Arlo) as she got to visit her dad (finally), but then had to go back. As of course she couldn’t just stay there. Poor kids, never being able to have their dad close by.

I had so so much fun reading this one and I flew through it. Before I knew it I was finished and OMG I wanted more. I definitely cannot wait to buy the next book, I want to know what will happen next in Arlo Finch’s life given the ending and all the revelations.

Star rating, 5 stars

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