Review for Bunnies on the Bus

Review for Bunnies on the Bus

Bunnies on the bus, Philip Ardagh, Ben Mantle, Orange, Bus, Hilarious, Funny, Transport, Animals, Children's Books, Picture Book, Cute, AnimalsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I actually wanted to read this during Easter (because bunnies), but I just wasn’t in the right mind for it. So here I am a day later and it is a happy belated Easter read.

This is a hilarious read about a bunny bus driver who gets a whole bunch of happy and naughty bunnies in his bus and ends up having a whole party with them and driving like he is in the movie SPEED (for reals though, I do hope that he normally drives a bit more carefully and with less flying).
In the mean time we see what happens on the streets as the bus drives by and it was HILARIOUS. There are many things happening and the expressions on many of the animals were just so so funny. OMG, I was just laughing so hard and this is just what I needed to read. We see people getting newspapers in their faces, a lion isn’t going to be happy about his haircut, good luck with your stuff and I hope you caught that vase family of pandas. And then there is more. You will have a delightful time seeing everything happening. In the mean time the bunnies don’t know (or maybe they do) what their party is doing to the other animals.

I loved how it was written and I could almost sing along as it felt like a song.

And there is something else happening as well.. something to do with a pair of baddies who have escaped. I won’t tell more than that, but I loved that this was added to the mix.

The ending had me in stitches. Well done author, well done. This is just perfection.

The illustrations were just fab and I love their style, I should really check out what more the illustrator has done. I am quite curious and eager to have more.

All in all, HIGHLY recommended. Funny, hilarious, and crazy to the max.

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