Review for Dragon Trouble

Review for Dragon Trouble

Unipiggle the Unicorn Pig, Dragon Trouble, Fantasy, Children's Books, Pig, Princess, King, Queen, Magic, Dragons, Funny, Humour, Rainbows, Flowers, Rock, Gnome, Frog, Girl, Hannah ShawUnipiggle and Princess Pea are back for a new adventure this time featuring dragons and dinosaurs.

I just love Princess Pea, how she is a princess but does her own things. Likes to make mudpools to dive into, climbs trees and treehouses, goes on adventures. OK, maybe she should learn to at least clean her feet when she comes back in the house after such a mud-covered adventure. Because that I found a tad rude to the magical folk that clean her palace.

I love Unipiggle as well. He is such a fun character and come on, he can magic anything chocolate. I love chocolate.

In this one our princess goes on an adventure (along with her unipiggle and the gardener on lawn mower (which had me in stitches)). First up to the library, which means we finally see some more of the town and I loved what I saw, and then onwards to adventures.

I had such a big and happy giggle when I saw the dinosaur, and laughed even harder when we find out how the dinosaur got in this place, oh my! It is up to unipiggle and Princess Pea + their new found friend a dragon to find a solution and I can honestly say that it was an amazing and yummy one.

I do love how different the king and queen are. The king is much more laid-back, while the queen is at times too much for me with her controlling attitude. I hope that the queen becomes a bit more laid-back as the stories continue.

I had a laugh at how the king expected the magical creatures to just do magic. I knew right away that this wouldn’t end well. Because you need to practice and use magic or else you lose it or it gets rusty. I do hope with the events of this book that the king learns that maybe he should just allow some magic at least.

Just like the previous book the illustrations were fab, fun, and super colourful. I just love the style of them.

All in all, this was another fun and delightful book in the Unipiggle series and I cannot wait for the next one! I need more cute and hilarious adventures.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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