Review for Finding Perfect

Review for Finding Perfect

Finding Perfect, Pink, Glitter, Man, Woman, Hugging, Contemporary, Romance, Novella, New Adult, Colleen HooverExcuse me, I am a blubbering mess. This book was just perfection.

This was a book that I bought last month for my Kindle and finally I had time to read it. This one continues the story of Daniel and Six, about the adoption that Six had, about the effects afterwards, and more. Really this was just a gorgeous book.

This one continues with Six and Daniel’s relationship and how it is faring at the moment. Not really good, and I was just so sad when I heard their relationship was rocky. It took a sisterly advice for Daniel to FINALLY take action. Dear Lord dude, just talk to your girl, hold her.

Poor Six, she isn’t doing well and I can imagine. I have never had kids nor given them up for adoption, but I can only imagine the pain of giving away your child and never knowing if he has a happy home. Is happy with his new parents. Loves them. I just wanted to hug her. Poor girl. She went through so much.

Yes, I still am not the biggest fan of Daniel, especially with how easily he gives nicknames to people and how they aren’t always very nice ones. But he definitely showed a more mature side to himself because he did something super amazing for Six. He went out to search the adoption parents for her. Because she (and I know he does as well) want to know how it is going with their little ones. He really goes through some hoops to get somewhere and I just found it so sweet.

Yes, due to the shortness of the novella it did feel at times a bit too fast/rushed. I mean most of the book takes place over a few days of time and in that time Daniel is able to achieve so much. Which is just weird given that Six has tried as well and didn’t have any luck.

I wasn’t such a fan of Daniel’s parents, they felt really odd and strange to me. Their reactions were very weird.

But the ending was fantastic and I was just a further blubbering mess. I was so happy for both Six and Daniel, but also for everyone around them. I am so glad that things got solved this way and they had this wonderful chance.

All in all, a fantastic book. Even though its been 7 years since I read the last one and I didn’t remember everything, this book brought everything back. I cried a lot. I loved it all. Recommended.

2 thoughts on “Review for Finding Perfect

  1. Sounds like a good novella, although it’s a shame it felt a bit rushed. I’ve only recently started reading Colleen Hoover so I’ll definitely check this out after I’ve read Finding Cinderella, All Your Perfects and Hopeless.

    1. Yeah, that was a shame, I could understand why, but maybe just skip ahead. Ohh, then you are in for a treat. She writes such amazing books, I hope you enjoy!

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