Review for Guardians of Magic

Review for Guardians of Magic

Guardians of Magic, The Cloud Horse Chronicles, Three Girls, Sword, Book, Blue, Chris RiddellThree children, three magical items, and a wonderful magical adventure! This book was gorgeous and beautiful will have your eyes glued to the pages.

I just love books by Chris Riddell and I look forward to each new one. I am so excited that he has a new series filled with magic and fun and sweet characters.

Meet Zam, Phoebe, and Bathsheda, three children living in the same world but in different towns and each different circumstances. In this book we learn of each child before all three get together and meet each other. I loved how this was done as we really get to know the kids and really get to root for them.

First up we meet Zam, a boy with a big talent in baking yummy food. He finds a special spoon and when he uses it he can bring food to life. Which I absolutely adore, though it was quite a shock to him (then again anyone would be shocked if a giant gingerbread guy popped up). The rats in the town have set their eyes on the bakery he works in.. but also on the spoon, and it got very awesome with each page.

Next is Phoebe, a girl who went to the big city to learn how to play musical instruments. She has a very special cello which can talk to her (and that other people actually also can hear which causes some problems). Phoebe was such a sweet and fun girl and oh so brave. I loved seeing her play the cello (but also was delighted when we learn she can play other instruments as well).

Lastly is Bathsheba who comes from a family of giant-slayers, but lost her parents years ago. She loves giants and studied all the books in the library to find out all she could. I could just imagine how hard it was for her to love giants in a town filled with people who didn’t want them around. Her magical item is a vorpal/worpal sword that she will be using for good things. Like defeating some of the more famous giant-slayer.

Each of these character is special and their special items will be handy for what they have to do to save their world and the people in it. I loved meeting giants, I loved finding out about the history of the land, about the rats and the pied piper, there is a great big plan made by the children and those helping them, we see a ton about country these 3 live in, the cloud horses are adorable and I would love one as well, and there is so much more. The villains are all well written. The illustrations are gorgeous. The story is one of page-turning quality.

Holy wow, I need more of this series. I would also highly recommend it to everyone in need for a fantasy tale with tons of magic and bravery.

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