Review for Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom, Vol.6

Review for Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom, Vol.6

Hisaya Nakajo, Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom, Vol. 6, Umeda, Sports, Glasses, Flowers, Reporter, LGBT, Romance, Friendship, Annoying Characters, Manga,Karate lessons, an annoying reporter, and a surprise visit from someone from America.

Mizuki decides to go for Karate lessons now that she is bothered so much by the reporter. Not sure how Karate is going to help you, but I did think it was pretty great. Then again, Karate is a contact sport and how is she going to hide her boobs then? Someone may touch her chest while they are fighting/sparring. This can get tricky.

I laughed so hard when the doctor gave Mizuki a photograph… a very sexy one. Will it ward of the reporter? I would think yes. 😛 And otherwise others as well.

I am getting slightly tired of Nakatsu at times for many reasons. For instance now he is just annoying Mizuki with his love. Just get your distance and let Mizuki answer before you do all that stuff. I am still reeling back from his attempted kiss on a drunk and unconscious Mizuki. Plus, I do feel it is unfair to Komari because he is clearly in love with Mizuki. At least he is realising at times that he is being a dick. Still, I wish he would just break up with her sooner. Be honest. But I do like the struggle he is going for, not that I like to see him struggle, but I like how it is presented at times. How he knows he is straight, but now he is doubting since he likes Mizuki so much.. but that is a guy right? Is he gay (or well I would say bi then) or not? I do like that he finally comes to realisation of his feelings and accepts them and even shouts them out loud.

I love that we get some more backstory on Minami and that he sent those flowers to his ex. That is really sweet of him.

Oh my, Julia is here! This is going to be fun. And the ending, OH MY GOSH. Yep, she is lighting some fires and I cannot wait til the next volume!
I wasn’t a big fan how the guys treated her (especially given her hair colour/that she is clearly a foreigner).

All in all though this is a fun volume and I am just hoping so so much that something will happen between Sano and Mizuki. And with that I mean more than accidental hugs, helpful moments, and oh yes the “sleepovers”. I can’t wait for the next volume, though that will have to wait until after my vacation.

Star rating, 4 stars

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