Review for Knights and Bikes: Wheels of Legend

Review for Knights and Bikes: Wheels of Legend

Wheels of Legend, Fairy Tales, Magic, Adventure, Children's Books, Illustrations, Giants, Fun, Green, Boy, Girls, Fun Fair, Knights and Bikes #3, Gabrielle Kent, Rex Crowle, Luke NewellA new mystery for our duo. This time giants? Fun fair? And more! Oh yes!

I love that this series continues strong and that we keep getting new mysteries and new fun adventures. In this one the fun fair returns and with it a lot of mysterious activities. The ground is shaking, there is a mysterious woman at the fair who can sing like a dream, and more.

I have to say for a moment I thought those snotgoblins were real, it took me until Nessa said something to understand that they weren’t real goblins.. but children. Oh Demelza. 😛 Though given how they ran around and brought chaos everywhere… I could understand the name. Teehee.

This time the fun fair pops up and our girls are head over heels in a new adventure, along with a new friend. Jack! A boy from the funfair who quickly becomes friends with the girls. I loved how the girls accepted him and even helped him out with a couple of things to make him feel happy/at home.

The girls are eager to help Jack with the problems he and his families have and which threaten not just Penfurzy… but also the entire world. I loved the adventure they had to fix things and to help out. I don’t want to spoil anything, I just want to say that be ready for this awesomeness. I loved that Demelza’s moms research helped them out. I would have loved to meet this woman. With each book she sounds more and more awesome.

I had a laugh at the headless knight and how he managed to control his body despite his head not being near it. I can only imagine how that looks (because that balloon will only make things creepier).

I was happy for Jack and his family with the girls’ idea. It was a fantastic idea and I hope that the family can be a bit more relaxed and happy.

Oh, and one scene with Jack and the giants… reminded me of an anime about titans. Which had me totally delighted. dances

Next to all this I also loved the friendship between Demelze and Nessa, with each story it gets stronger. I loved seeing them compete with that video game. I am also happy that Demelza was able to ask Nessa about her “lies” because Demelza darn well knows that none of those things happened, but still she loves hearing the stories as Nessa is a great storyteller. It made me even happier that Demelza told Nessa not to worry about the lies, that she can still be all those things. AWWW!

I love how many fairy tales popped up in the story. Not just Jack and the Bean Stalk, but many more! I loved the addition of the fairy tales to the magic we already have in the story. It makes the world even more grander, even more magical, and that means that there are many more adventures to be found.

I guess now the wait begins for the next adventure… though thankfully I got something to tide me over, namely the video game. I bought that one two weeks ago and I guess it is time to play it!

All in all, this was another fun and fantastic adventure story featuring fantastic characters.

Star rating, 5 stars

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