Review for Sunstone Vol.4

Review for Sunstone Vol.4

Stjepan Šejić, Living Together, Bondage, Friendship, LGBT, Graphic Novel, Sunstone, Vol. 4, BDSM, Sex, Just Talk Already, Red, Woman, Hugging,The next volume and the girls are living together… but a lot of things could have gone better if they had FUCKING talked.

This one took me a long time to read. I kept going to Twitter, drinking my beer, reading some more Twitter, going to Animal Crossing on my Switch, checking out Pokemon Go. I just couldn’t focus on this one. Too much dialogue/text. Too much frustrations that these two adult women wouldn’t fucking talk.

OH GOOD LORD Girls, the we are just friends stuff got on my nerves. TALK ABOUT YOUR FUCKING FEELINGS. A lot of these things that was being discussed, all the worries, if they just had fucking talked from the start. Seen where they are at. What they both wanted. Did they want a relationship? Did they not? How much is their level of love for each other? Did they think it was possible to be together? Etc. Come on girls, you are both adults, FUCKING TALK. Stop being jealous and actually talk.

Sorry girl, I understand you want to please your best buddy Anne, but I was seriously not happy that you wrote the story so she and Ally would be doing the sex and calling her Sarah and all that. I could only imagine how it was for Ally (and later we do find out). Lisa, come on, even you are not so stupid. Just write a prequel or a spinoff featuring Anne. Without Ally in it. Done. It just made me feel very uncomfortable and I just wanted to hug Ally.

Also so much talking. While I was definitely happy with some of the dialogue/text (like where we learn more about Allison, or saw the girls’ thoughts and knew that both were in love territory), often it was just too much. I wanted some more sexy BDSM times.

Plus, it got really confusing for me with the Anne x Ally parts in between. I had to keep myself focused and tell myself that Ally wasn’t cheating (not that I would ever see her do that but it was just so confusing to see those parts pop up).

I did love the sexy times between our girls, I loved that they started to live together, I loved getting more on Allison’s past and how she got to be where she is now and how she got to discovering all the awesome BDSM stuff, I loved seeing Allison get in her Dom mode, I loved Allison and gaming (she looks hot and is so awesome), I loved seeing Lisa find her passion in her writing, I loved that Lisa went for a tattoo and got nipple piercings (though ouch and never for me), I loved the art, I loved seeing other friends of Lisa/Allison, I laughed when Anne, Lisa, Allison got drunk and kept bothering their friend who just having sex with her husband. 😛 I had a laugh and a shiver (as ducttape ouch) as they covered Lisa nips with bottle caps and ducttape. There was a lot of good yes, but sadly… the other things just made me unhappy. The ending just pissed me off. This could all just have been fucking prevented. TALK TALK TALK.

Star rating, 3 stars

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