Review for Unicorn to Sabishi-gari ya Shoujo Vol.1

Review for Unicorn to Sabishi-gari ya Shoujo Vol.1

Unicorn to sabishi-gari ya shoujo, Vol.1, Mei Fujimatsu, Girls, LGBT, Shoujo-ai, Grey Hair, Brown Hair, Hug, Unicorn, Fantasy, Adorable, Anxiety, Friendship, Manga, SummoningA lonely girl finds a summon book… hopes to summon her dog… instead summons a (perverted) girl unicorn.

This girl is going to wish she didn’t summon that unicorn. 😛 Though despite that our unicorn girl is a tad annoying and a bit too overbearing and maybe a dash of perverted (and totally doesn’t care who hears her perverted thoughts), we see that she really cares in her way for Wakana. Plus we do see that things are slowly changing for Wakana. But she still has quite a way to go because she is so shy and so easily embarrassed (then again, I would also be embarrassed if there was a naked girl (aka unicorn in my bath or other scenes as our unicorn isn’t afraid of a bit of skinship)). She needs to learn to open up, communicate, and take opportunities. For instance when those girls asked her for lunch she should have taken their effort. But I am happy to see that she is getting more open and more honest. Oh and that she is finding friends.

In the mean time our Uni-chan is finding virgins left and right and adding them to her friendship group. I don’t even want to know how she knows they are virgins. Unicorn radar or maybe extra-ordinary smell. I did like that while she was flirting around like that that she was honest with Wakana that Wakana was her only one. I think Wakana definitely needed to hear that. Plus, that whistle was fun and I like that it didn’t take long for Wakana to try it out. Despite her stand-offish attitude she does love Uni-chan. Aww!

Poor Yagi, she has seen things in that bathhouse. I had such a laugh when that fourth girl entered and saw two girls knock-out on one side, and Yagi on the other.

I did think it was a bit eh/weird that the unicorn girl had to tell our MC what virginity meant (how the hell do you not know that at that age?), though the main weirdness is that the unicorn explained it meant intercourse with a boy. Mmm. No. But I guess she wanted this virgin for herself and that is why she didn’t tell her more than that. Still weird.

The art was really fun, I love it when our Uni-chan gets perverted her pupils change to hearts. 😛

All in all, I definitely want to read more of this manga. It is adorable and fun and quite motivational. I hope that in the next volumes our unicorn and girl get even closer. Oh yes!

Star rating, 4 stars

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