Review for Vampeerz

Review for Vampeerz

Vampeerz, Vampires, Romance, LGBT, Higashiyama Show, Red, Girls, Hugging, Manga, Mourning, LossA very cute and funny book about a girl grieving the loss of her grandma when she meets a very adorable girl… who turns out to be a vampire.

She falls head over heels with the vampire girl and eventually tells her she loves her. A bit too soon for my taste, not too big a fan of instant love. But could see why she liked Aria so much, Aria is quite an interesting persona.

I wasn’t happy with Aria’s request, sure I can understand it. It must suck being a vampire. I just don’t think it is fair to our MC especially given her feelings and the fact her grandma just died like a day or so ago…. So I am glad what Ichika decided.

Not sure how I feel about the hypnotising, but I guess otherwise living together is just not going to happen otherwise. Still, I do think it is funny that Ichika doesn’t seem to have a clue that Aria is hypnotising people left and right.

I do want to know more about Aria’s mom and Aria’s manservant as they are quite the types. 😛 The mom especially, OH BOY. This can spell some trouble later on.

The last chapter was a tad predictable but I still was very happy with the turn of events. I cannot wait to see what will happen next! This adds a nice twists to this story.

The biting is quite erotic, it doesn’t help that Ichika makes all these sounds and screws her face in different ways.

The art was pretty well done, I quite like the style!

Now I just want to read the next volumes as I do want to see Ichika’s relationship with Aria go further. Not to mention.. will she ever grant Aria’s request or will Aria be happy enough to be with Ichika to stay for a while longer?

Star rating, 4 stars

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