Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 12-7-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 12-7-2020

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to a brand-new Sunday’s TBR Updates, and a happy Sunday to all!

This was another not that exciting week, though I am glad that the insect screens are now installed in our bedroom and our sliding backdoor. Whoop! No more annoying mosquitoes at night, or big annoying flies during the day (which mostly annoy my hubby as he works downstairs). I don’t mind that the weeks aren’t so exciting, I could use some boring weeks, had enough stress and all that the past few months. Just 13 more days and my vacation starts. dances
Reading-wise it was a very good week. I had a lot of fun reading whenever I could. Plus, I got some requests for reviews and I read a couple of those along with getting up to date again with my Netgalley (now I just got 6 books left to read). Though sadly, there were also some DNF.

What did I read from my TBR Pile this week? Lectrr (so much fun, though it was very Belgium-centric so some of the jokes I didn’t get), Time to momo: Marrakech (definitely interesting to read and I quite like the shopping tips this time), Sailor V #2 (the last one and I enjoyed it a lot, though there were some things that were just odd/weird), Hana-Kimi #3 (a summer romance volume though I was uncomfortable at that attempted rape-scene), Maar ik ben jou niet (disappointing read as it felt like x but turned out to be y), Adje Doet Heel Druk (I loved this one and could recognise a lot of me in Adje), Onderbuik (interesting, exciting, though the MC (Vianne) was a tad annoying at times, the ending WOW), Sleutels (not as good due to the characters and some other things), With the Fire on High (I really enjoyed this one, loved the MC and her drive, though there were some things that I wasn’t fan of), Guardians of Magic (beautiful, stunning, OMG everyone needs to read this one, loved the MCs, the magic, everything), Unicorns (another gorgeous book in this series, I loved the stories, the discoveries and the unicorns), De smokkelaar (well this was just not my cup of tea).

I tried and dropped: Castle by the Sea (the MC was just too meh, the story just didn’t work for me, and I kept expecting magic), De beminde (the MC was just not for me, plus I didn’t like the people around her that much), Little Fires Everywhere (for now dropped, though I may give it a chance, I wasn’t too big of a fan when I started), Van deze kinderen ga je houden (a bad writing style (even my hubby agrees) plus it felt weird that it wasn’t about her but about another teacher, it felt very stilted).

Here is a brand-new stack of books that I hope to read. These are my last library books (mix of all libraries), plus some books I had left (most of the other books I want to read are for my vacation time). I guess it is a good thing I am going to library #2 again next week. 😛

And we have reached the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates again! Thank you all for reading. I hope everyone will have a great Sunday and a great week and I hope it is as filled with books as my week will be. 🙂

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    1. Good to hear that! I have been meaning to read it since May… but I also heard there is a big cliffhanger at the end and so I have been putting reading off for a bit.

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