Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Game

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Game

Evening all!!

Welcome to a brand-new Waiting on Wednesday, happy Wednesday! This week I am featuring The Game by Linsey Miller.

This time no reality shows, this time we are back to thrillers! You all know I love those so so much. I am always looking for new ones, especially YA (though this year I also got a knack for Dutch Thrillers. This time a game of assassin… gone wrong. The game is real and I am so into finding out who the assassin is and why the game turned real. Revenge? Something else? It sounds amazing and creepy and I cannot wait to get into this book and see if Lia can stop the killer. How many more will die? How gruesome will the book get (hopefully not too much, my stomach just cannot handle that stuff any more).

Can I also mention that I am absolutely DELIGHTED that the publisher brings this book out in paperback immediately. In fact, I cannot even find a hardcover. That is my kind of publisher as I am sick and tired of having to wait a year for a paperback.

Assassin, The Game, Linsey Miller, Mystery, Thriller, Map, Streets, Shadows, Blood, Young Adult, Game,If you loved American Horror Story 1984, you’ll die for this paperback original thriller mashup of Agatha Christie’s The A.B.C. Murders and Riverdale in which a game turns deadly with a killer who picks his victims one by one, letter by letter.

Every year the senior class at Lincoln High plays assassin. Lia Prince has been planning her strategy for years and she’s psyched that not only does she finally get to play, she’s on a team with Devon Diaz. But this year, the game isn’t any fun–it’s real. Abby Ascher, Ben Barnard, and Cassidy Clarke have all turned up . . . dead. Can Lia stop the ABC killer before he reaches D?

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