Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Shelf

Waiting on Wednesday ~ The Shelf

Evening all!

Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday this time I featuring a book about reality tv named The Shelf by Helly Action.

I read a review for this book over at Read.Dream.Live and instantly put this book on my Goodreads shelf after reading. I am always looking around for new books about reality shows (any recommendations be sure to comment) and this one sounds fab. Drama, friendship and empowerment, tasks, and more. I also quite like the cover, the colour really pops.

I know what I will be reading when this book comes out July 9th.

The Shelf, Helly Acton, Blue, Jumping Board, Women, Feminism, Feminist, Humour, Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Competition, Drama, FriendshipEveryone in Amy’s life seems to be getting married (or so Instagram tells her), and she feels like she’s falling behind.

So, when her boyfriend surprises her with a dream holiday to a mystery destination, she thinks this is it – he’s going to finally pop the Big Question. But the dream turns into a nightmare when she finds herself on the set of a Big Brother-style reality television show, The Shelf.

Along with five other women, Amy is dumped live on TV and must compete in a series of humiliating and obnoxious tasks in the hope of being crowned ‘The Keeper’. Will Amy’s time on the show make her realise there are worse things in life than being left on the shelf?

A funny, feminist and all-too-relatable novel about our obsession with coupling up, settling down and the battle we all have with accepting ourselves, The Shelf introduces the freshest new voice in women’s fiction.

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