Blog Tour ~ Fancy Love by A.F. Zoelle ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Fancy Love by A.F. Zoelle ~ Excerpt + Giveaway


Love Fancy, A.F. Zoelle, LGBT, Purple, Suit, Man, Romance, LGBT, Sex, Dual POV

Welcome all to the Blog Tour for Love Fancy by A.F. Zoelle. I am so delighted I can be part of the tour, I loved the first two books so much and I am just very excited to read the rest.

For today’s tour I got an excerpt from the book, teasers, an excerpt, and book/author information. Many things! I hope you enjoy them all.

Let’s get this tour started~

Bet on Love, Love Means More, Series, Love Fool, Love Fancy, A.F. Zoelle, LGBT, Purple, Suit, Man, Romance, LGBT, Sex, Dual POV,

Love Fancy, A.F. Zoelle, LGBT, Purple, Suit, Man, Romance, LGBT, Sex, Dual POV

Callum O’Rourke
A twenty-year-old like me doesn’t stand a chance with an older playboy like Rune. Yet despite being total opposites, I’m lucky enough to call him my friend. Anything more than that would be greedy, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing he would teach me how to satisfy the passionate desire I feel for him. All of my fantasies are about experiencing my first time with him.
Could I be lucky enough that it happens for real?

Rune Tourneau
The only relationships I used to be interested in were meaningless hookups with no strings attached. But Callum’s kindness touched a part of my heart I didn’t know existed, changing me forever. I desperately want him, but he deserves to be cherished by someone who thinks true love is real and isn’t a jaded thirty-year-old like me.
Can he really turn a sceptic like me into someone who believes we could have a romantic happy ever after together?

Fancy Love is the third book in the Good Bad Idea series. This novel features an age gap, first time, opposites attract romance. Full of cute sweetness and sexy fun, every story ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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  Fancy Love, A.F. Zoelle, LGBT, Purple, Suit, Man, Romance, LGBT, Sex, Dual POV, Books,

About the author:

A.F. Zoelle, Author, Logo, Purple Letters, HeartA lifelong storyteller, writing has always been A.F. Zoelle’s greatest passion. When she’s not writing about gorgeous men being sexy and in love, she enjoys procrastinating on her studies and numerous side hustles to indulge in Japanese musical theatre. She looks forward to renouncing her nomadic scholarly life someday soon so she can have Ragdoll cats to come home to instead of just dust bunnies.
For real time updates on her writing progress, please follow her on Twitter. You can also follow her on Facebook or sign up below for her newsletter announcements about her latest releases and get access to monthly previews of upcoming books, deleted scenes, and works in progress.

Find her here:       

Fancy Love, A.F. Zoelle, LGBT, Purple, Suit, Man, Romance, LGBT, Sex, Dual POV, Books,


Callum O’Rourke
I attempted to apologize for my rudeness, but I couldn’t make a sound as I got lost in the ocean of his eyes. They were an icy blue, but full of a fire that beckoned for me to come closer. The intense connection from before returned in a rush, making it harder to breathe. How was it possible that even his long eyelashes were captivating?
“You must be Callum.”
The deep timbre of his voice saying my name made heat pool in my belly, while it raised chills on my skin. Too stunned to reply, I nodded in response.
He held out his free hand. “I’m Rune. Nice to meet you.”
My reflexes reacted before my brain did, so I reached out to him. The instant our palms touched, my arousal sparked into a roaring blaze that made me inhale in surprise. In doing so, I smelled his cologne. It was dark and inviting, spiced with a hint of something unknown that had me biting my lower lip to hold in a moan. Fuck me.
It became even more difficult to restrain myself when his long, slender fingers wrapped around me as we shook hands. His touch was electric, making every nerve inside me come to life. An image flashed in my mind of him caressing my naked body, shocking me with the graphic thought of us entwined in a sensual embrace as we fucked. The fires of desire raged in me like never before, scaring me with how intensely I experienced the pull of instant attraction to him.
My voice sounded as if it belonged to somebody else as I replied, “The pleasure’s mine.”
His knowing smirk caused my heart to stutter in my chest as I struggled against my hormones that had never gone so haywire over someone before. I mourned the loss of contact when he pulled away to sit down across from me. The experience disoriented me. What the hell just happened?
Emboldened by my lust, my first response had been full of a confident innuendo that was completely foreign to me. With the slight distance between us, I was back to stumbling over what to say next. “Um, hi? Hello. Hi.”
His amused smile at my sudden turn into awkwardness melted me into a quivering puddle. “Hi.”
The single-syllable word sent shivers racing down my spine. What was it about this man that every little thing he did was sexual? Especially how he slid his fingers through the hole of his mug grip, giving me ideas I wasn’t equipped to handle. Christ Almighty, save me from myself. I’m not going to make it.


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