Friday’s Page 69 ~ Meet the Sushi Sisters

Friday’s Page 69 ~ Meet the Sushi Sisters

Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters, Sibéal Pounder, Jason Cockcroft, Bad Mermaids, Book #4, Mermaids, Magic, Spying, Humour, Sharks, Seahorse, Fourth Wall, Magic, Cover, Yellow, Girls, Jellyfish, Orange
‘A secret place,’ Vetty said mysteriously.
‘There’s no such place,’Meri laughed.
‘Of course there is,’ Vetty said. ‘Everyone knows there are secret waters, undiscovered places and hidden cities. You know, like the one mermaid spies live in.’
‘Pah!’ Meri said, desperately trying to be casual. ‘Mermaid spies aren’t real. I don’t know where you heard that but mermaid spies are not a thing.’

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