Friday’s Page 69 ~ The Court of Miracles

Friday’s Page 69 ~ The Court of Miracles

The Court of Miracles, Kester Grant, Fantasy, Les Miserables, The Jungle Book, Historical Fiction, French Revolution, Young Adult, Fantasy, Retelling, Gold, Blue, Crown, Building, King, Court, War, Sister, Adopted, Burglar
“Stop crying,” I say shortly, and grab Ettie’s hand. “Come on.”
“Where are we going?” she sniffles.
I smile. A smile that she should never trust.
“Somewhere he will not be able to find you,” I say, which is only partly a lie.
We rush down a tangle of back streets, keeping to the shadows.
She’s breathless and struggling along behind me, but at least she’s stopped crying.
She thinks I’m going to save her. When I’m sending her to a fate worse than the seven hells.
But sometimes we must pay a terrible price to protect the things we love.

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