Inku Crate Unboxing August 2020

Inku Crate Unboxing August 2020

Afternoon all,

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Welcome to the newest unboxing of Inku Crate, and sadly the last one.

I love the contents of the crates, that is not why I am stopping with this, and Doki Doki Crate. I have had some issues with the customer service over there, they did some changes WITHOUT letting customers know (which had to do with shipping costs), and they have not been responding or giving non-replies that are just not about what is in the message. This has been going on since July… and I decided to just stop.  I will also count the issues I had with previous crates of them. sighs I will miss this crate, BUT I found an alternative, one I have had my eyes on for some time, and now I can finally try it. The name is Zenpop, and I just received (within a week, superspeedy delivery) it and I love the items in there. Look forward to Zenpop unboxing coming next week.

But let’s focus on this crate! This was a very fun crate with so much cuteness and stuff I cannot wait to use. I had expected a bit more of a theme, like summer, or beach, or something like that. It seems that Inkucrates don’t do themes. Again, I am happy with the items, I am already thinking of what I can use them for.

First up is the crate itself. You can already see some nice items hiding underneath. I really liked the booklet this time. It was very beachy.

The booklet! Again I add a spoiler tag on it so that you all don’t get spoiled unless you want to. Click on the image to see a larger version.

And here we have my favourite item, the Hello Kitty folders(?). I am a big big fan of Hello Kitty and so I was just squeeing in delight when I spotted this one on the bottom. Next to it is a cute kitty letterset, which I will probably never use because I don’t send letters any more.

Then we got a cute booklet with 2 different kinds of notes in it. I cannot wait to use what is in the next photograph to make sticky notes of them and tape them EVERYWHERE. Muhahaha. coughs And the next item is my second favourite, cute flaky stickers with bears. So cute!

And then lastly we got a purple calligraphy pen, a pencil, gum, and oh yes, the item I think will be a good friend of mine, a glue pen. Which can be used to make sticky notes as well.

And that is it for this month’s Inku Crate! As I said, I am very happy with the items, and I will definitely miss this crate. Look forward to my new stationery box, Zenpop, coming soon! I am sure you will love it a lot.

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