Library Haul 19-8-2020

Library Haul 19-8-2020

Afternoon all!

Welcome to a brand-new Library #1 Haul!

Yesterday my body felt a bit OK + I had some time free, so I decided to go to Library #1. I still had one book, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it as it featured the mistaken identity that the first book didn’t handle well. In the end I just brought that one along as well, and I am glad I did.. because I had a hard time picking which 8 books could come with me.

It was nice and quiet in the library, I had expected it to be much busier as it is still summer vacation for the schools in my region. That is how it normally is, but I guess with the heat and the warmth people don’t want to go to the library. Works for me. 😛 I hoped that there would be new books, it has been a bit over a month since I last went. I shouldn’t have worried as I kept finding new books that I was delighted to see, I was the most hyped for the second book in the Train to Impossible Places series and American Royals. The latter I have heard many people hype about in the bloggingverse and I have been meaning to read it for a while. Thank you Library #1 for adding more English books! sends lots of love

In the end I had to decide which books to leave and which to bring. Argh, if only I could have more books at this library, but 8 is all I can bring. Next time I will get the other books, if they are available.

STATS: 8 books, 2 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

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Mijn moeders strijd by Murat Isik
Great Reindeer Disaster by Kate Saunders, Neal Layton
Nelly The Monster Sitter: The Hott Heds at No 87 by Kes Gray, Chris Jevons
Hell City – Laatste Halte by Joanne Carlton
The Great Brain Robbery by P.G. Bell
American Royalty by Katherine McGee
The Court of Miracles by Kerster Grant
Expeditie achtertuin by Bas van Oort

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