Library Haul 22-8-2020

Library Haul 22-8-2020

Afternoon all!!

A big welcome to the first of two Library Hauls this week, first up is Library #3! Tomorrow you can look forward to a HUGE HUGE Library #2 Haul. Also be sure to check out my fun Library #1 Haul here . Yes, I went to all my libraries this week. I needed books, also just in case given how things are going here.

I was delighted to be visiting #3 again as I finished all the books. Oh, and they needed to go back. Well, actually just one of them… I wasn’t able to be extend it because there was a reservation for it, but I am not going for just one book.

After I brought all the books back + paid the late fee on that one book, I went to the new tables and immediately found several books to bring with me. Then I went upstairs for an English book I needed (Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight was FINALLY in the library, I have been keeping my eyes on it all week in the hopes it stayed) and then to the Children/YA section. I kept picking books left and right. In the end I had just enough room for 2 comics. Yep, this haul was just amazing, I am so happy that I found so many normal books. People who have been following me know that I have had quite a lot of hauls with mostly comics/GN and only a couple of books when I visited this library.

I can’t wait to start reading all these books. Eep!

STATS: 12 books, 2 comics, 5 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

Terug naar Birkenau by Ginette Kolinka
Hara Kiwi 1 by Lectrr
Hara Kiwi 4 by Lectrr
Achter de glimlach van de Sri Lankaan by Eleonore Breukel
De Juwelendief by M.G Leonard
Dagboek van een verloskundige by Marlies Koers
Verlos ons by Uwe Porters
Lottie Luna and the Twilight Party by Vivian French, Nathan Reed
The Assistant by S.K. Tremayne
Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
Klein verhaal met een hart by Pieter Gaudesaboos, Elvis Peeters
Spoor van mensen by Carel van Gestel

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