Library Haul 3-8-2020 (Vacation Edition)

Library Haul 3-8-2020 (Vacation Edition)

Afternoon all,

Welcome to a new Library Haul, this time a special Vacation Edition!

The second week has arrived, I cannot believe that the week just flew by! I decided today would be a nice day to go to the library again as I finished most of the books and wanted something new for this (and next as I am not going to borrow more books) week.

Once again very silent and quiet at the library so I could just walk around in ease and quiet. I wanted to check with comics first as I knew there were a couple I was hoping I could find. I did find one in the end, and a couple of new ones. After that I just walked around and grabbed all the books I found interesting. I also brought some magazines with me as I love some snacks in between my reading.

I had to do some effort to get my books with me. This library here still quarantines their books which means that you throw it in a big bin at the entrance of the library. HOWEVER that also means that the books won’t get taken off your card until they get to those bins and sort through it. Since I had 17 materials on my card, I could bring 8 books… but I found many more. Thankfully, the librarians could override the system so I could bring all those books and still have the older books on my card.

I still got quite a few books left from the books I brought with me (see here), but I just wanted something fresh to go with it. TBRs are fun, but I do want to read something else as well to mix it up and keep me happy.

Like last time, I won’t add a book list, but you can check my shelves on Goodreads if you want a link to the books. For the comics I am probably going for whatever is already there as I don’t want to do too much during my vacation (especially not with spotty internet).

Stats: 16 books. 4 comics, 4 magazines, 3 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

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