Release Day Blitz ~ Like Hate by Rachel Leigh

Release Day Blitz ~ Like Hate by Rachel Leigh

Morning all!

Welcome to the Release Day Blitz for Like Hate by Rachel Leigh. I am definitely curious about the book, what the event was and if these two can still bury the hatchet and get together again. I am a tad worried about the bullying, this is definitely my first bully romance book that has sparked my interest. I do want to give it a shot, the blurb sounds interesting.

For today’s post I got book/author information.

Hip hip hooray and a big congratulations to the author on their book releasing today. I hope you have an amazing day!

Like Hate, Rachel Leigh, Bullying, Dual POV, College, Romance, Guy, Hat, Black/White,

Love causes hurt, hurt causes hate.
I’ve learned this the hard way.
I fell for a guy who is made up of angry bones, a dark heart, and eyes that can see my soul.
One night changed everything.
Now when he looks into my heart, he pulls out the weakness and he uses it to his advantage.
He taunts me, breaks me down, and is trying to destroy my first year away at college.
So why can’t I stay away?
Why am I so drawn to the boy who used to be my friend—the guy who broke my heart, and the man who wants to destroy me?

All it took was one night for me to see Harper for what she really is—a fake. An imposter who cut me open, forced me to bare my soul, then tossed me aside without even sewing up my black heart.
She was the first girl to ever stir emotion inside of me.
It’s been a year, but I still feel the sting of what she did to me.
No matter how hard I try, I can’t escape her.
Now we are away at college and she thinks she’s still part of this group we’ve had since we were kids.
Little does she know, she’s been cut, and it’s her turn to feel the pain.

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About the author:

Rachel Leigh, Author, LogoTina Saxon lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two kids. She’s not afraid to try new things because it’s outside the box of typical housewife. CEO of her home is by far the most rewarding job she has ever had. Her jobs include, but are not limited to, seamstress, carpenter, craft extraordinaire, PTA President, chauffeur, dance mom, mediator—of mentioned kids—and author. Once upon a time she was a Financial Analyst but traded budgets and forecasts in for diapers and bottles. The former was definitely easier but the latter more fulfilling.
Tina’s love for reading surged into her passion for writing. Wanting to bring the reader an intriguing story that’s hard to put down with steamy love scenes that heat you up, she’s always thinking of the perfect way to take you down that path.

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