Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.6

Review for Aria: The Masterpiece Vol.6

Athena, Purple-hair, Girl, Venice, Neo-Venezia, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Manga, Friendship, Mars, Undines, Aria The Masterpiece, AriaI received this manga from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Eep! I am so happy that the newest volume in the Aria: The Masterpiece is out, or well, on Netgalley. I am a bit sad though.. because the next volume will be the last one. And I don’t want this series to end just yet. I don’t want to leave Neo-Venezia. Especially not after going to the real Venice last year for my honeymoon.

This one is navigation (still love that instead of chapters it is navigation) 51 to 60 along with 2 special navigations.

We learn more and more about Venice and about how undines know what ways to go or what poles are best to tie their gondolas to. I love getting more information about the job, about how things work, we are at volume 6 and you would think we learned all that we could learn, but apparently not. Yay!
And it becomes a bigger point in the first navigation as Akari gets the job to fix an old rotten palina herself.

Next to learning more about the job, we see the passing of time even more clearly than in the previous books. I know the ending already (saw the anime many times), and I love the build-up towards it. Akari and her friends are growing and soon they will be full undines.

And of course there is plenty of other things, like that Alice has some fun games to play after school, we see childhood friends and the past of several characters which had me delighted (though the art for the characters really wasn’t my fav), Aika and Al get stuck in a well and I was just praying for a kiss, that moment during the 2nd birthday of a certain someone gave me tears, lots of motivation and lessons, Christmas and Epiphany, and before I knew it the volume was over. It was just so much fun to read this one.

I would once again highly recommend this manga to everyone looking for a slow slice of life with fantastic backgrounds, art, and characters.

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