Review for Camp

Review for Camp

Camp, Green, Badge, LGBT, Contemporary, Young Adult, Musical, Romance, Rainbow, SummerA cute, swoony read about an LGBT camp and all the fun that happens there.

A boy goes to an LGBT camp and has changed himself so the guy he likes will like him. This sounds a bit eh, but I kind of fell in love with the idea. Plus, hello LGBT camp? That sounds AMAZING!

It had many sweet moments, a couple of frustrations for instance I just wished he was honest sooner because he kept delaying it, even when the guy told our MC his secret.

There was tons and tons and tons and tons of pride and camp activities that I just adored to bits. I loved seeing the various people at camp and what they liked, loved, and seeing so many LGBT identities together. Mingling and mixing and having the best of time. It sounds so amazing.

I loved the romance, and not just between our MC and his lover, but also others. Like his best friend who finds a girl to love/like, and his other best friend who start flirting and having a wonderful glittery romance with another boy he never thought he would go with. I loved it.

Of course the biggest romance is between Randy and Hudson and OMG those two were just the cutest, sweetest, and I was squeeing and hoping for them to get together. I loved seeing the two of them open up more and find out things about each other, about their families, about how they came out. We know that Randy is out and fabulous, but we do find out some things about Hudson that had me just wanting to hug him and talk to him.

I also loved the counsellors and how awesome they were.

I loved the ending, I loved the glitter, I loved seeing all those kids having a ball and feeling happy. I would love to see another book or even a novella with them making it through the year between the camps.

Big plus points to the fun cover that matches the book perfectly.

BUT as with this author’s other book, and with another book, stop bashing straight people. Not all of them are bad or evil. I see it happen more often in LGBT books, and while I understand that there are straight people who are bitches and harm you, there are ENOUGH people who are sweet, understanding, and caring. Or don’t bother you at all. Please. Respect everyone.
Also I wasn’t happy with how they treated that lifeguard woman when they heard she kissed a girl and liked it. HO boy. Let people explore and experiment. She isn’t harming anyone and NOT EVERYONE KNOWS FROM THE START WHAT THEIR PREFERENCES ARE. Congrats if you know from young age that you are gay or lesbian or trans or otherwise, but there are enough people who don’t. Who figure it out through experimenting, or other means. It took me until I was an adult before I figured out that I was bi (or maybe even pan, see even now I am finding myself).

All in all, despite that last part, I would highly recommend this book to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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