Review for Dark Moon Diary: Vol.1

Review for Dark Moon Diary: Vol.1

Dark Moon Diary: Volume 1, Che' Gilson, Michael Vega, Brett Uher, Girls, Woman, Man, House, Moon, Fantasy, Humour, Mourning, Loss, Graphic Novel, Supernatural, Vampires, Monster, Magic, Mean Girl, FamilyMeet Priscilla, a normal girl who now has to live with her not-so-normal vampire family!

I was reading tactics when I stumbled upon an ad for this graphic novel. It looked really fun and I liked the taglines included. I had to check it out. I am glad I did because this was pretty fun and hilarious.

Priscilla is just a normal girl, but when her parents die she has to live with her vampire family! It is a big step for her and it is no wonder she feels lonely. Still she has spirit and I loved how she grabbed new things by the hand and tried it all out. I loved how sweet and kind she was. And I had some laughs at how her face was each time she spotted something new/something magical. Because there is a lot in this town. Not everyone is vampire, we see various other magical creatures/monsters wandering around. I do wonder if Priscilla has vampire blood in her given her mom, and if we will see that come into play. It would be fun if she would discover vampire powers.

I do wonder why the vampires didn’t understand why Priscilla wouldn’t eat anything. Hello, she is human. You guys also live with humans around you, you should know that they don’t eat hearts that are alive, batwings, or other stuff. It isn’t until later that they do try their best. Next to that, why didn’t they tell her about the special menus at school, or why didn’t anyone at the school do it? This poor girl was living on berries and water and maybe some strange milk. That is not healthy.

Thankfully Priscilla finds a wonderful friend, I really like the girl and hope we see more of her, and she introduces Priscilla to food that she can eat and the girls are quite a match.

I did like the diary parts, though given I read this one as an ebook I had a hard time reading the text at times.

I disliked Kitten so so much. She was just a horrible girl with a horrible attitude and her parents should be way more strict with her for pulling all the shit she did. Bullying is already not cool, but that she does that near the end was just WAY too much. Your cousin already has said she has no interest in your love interest, she told you she will stay away if you want, and more. She has no ill intentions, you should just stop being such a meanie.

The art was a bit over the top/exaggerated but still very fun.

I definitely want to read the next volume as well. This is just too much fun to read.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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