Review for Ever After

Review for Ever After

Ever After, Night, Stars, Forest, Plants, Moon, Olivia Vieweg, Graphic Novel, Zombies, Post-Apocalypse, Travelling, Mental Health, Sister, Family, Weird, Confusing, Rushed, Girls, Pink Hair, Horror, GermanyI received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OK, honestly, not that big on reading zombie books at the moment given my mental health and oh yes the pandemic outside. But I couldn’t resist this graphic novel. It just looked and sounded too good to pass and so I clicked on request.

I have to say that the book was quite confusing story-wise. I get the whole apocalypse, everyone is going to die, etc. etc. But we get thrown in what feels like the middle of the story. I had no clue why Vivi was locked up in that hospital and not allowed to go outside. What was up with that old man? Then she goes outside and meets new people and we even switch to another girl, named Eva. The girls, Vivi and Isabelle, have to go fix the barricade. From that point the story was still confusing, but at least we get zombies and I am always in for that. Some action. I do wonder why Eva let two newbies handle the barricade without making sure they were armed and prepared to fight. How stupid are you? I get that you don’t want two newbies in your team, but they are your fucking responsibility. That poor Isabelle. 🙁
But then everything gets confusing again, and I just had no clue what I was reading. Did I miss something? Should I have read something before this one? I thought only American graphic novels liked to throw you in the deep end…
And the confusion just keeps on going throughout the story, at times I just had to go back because did I miss something? Is it like this in the original German GN? Or did things just get left out or mistranslated?

Also, I am sorry, but how did Vivi walk ALL THAT WAY on freaking flip-flops without ever having pain or discomfort? We do see later that parts of her feet were wounded, but nothing else. Believe me, I walked a lot on good sandals, specially made for walking, and my feet were BLOATED and red and hurt like heck after I walked a lot on them for a couple of days (like 5-7 hours a day). I just cannot see how someone can walk on flip-flops for days, even run on them. No. That is just like the lady from Jurassic Park running from the freaking T-rex on her heels. No. Just no.

I am also confused about the zombies? So some people become zombies? Others just become plant thingies? Or half-plants and still human?

We do learn something about the characters. Vivi lost everyone around her in a gruesome way and was found by that warden from the hospital (which finally explains why she is at the hospital), Emma is changing into something and the apocalypse happened on her birthday (wow, worst birthday ever?). I have to say I hated what she did there, the choice she made. No just no.

I did like how the mental health, depression, fear, anxiety, and also guilt was presented in this book.

I love that this one takes place in Germany. Bless. I have read so many zombie books and almost all took place either in the US or in the UK. I am happy to see another country for once.

There is enough zombie action that I really liked and that was well-done.

The art was also quite nicely done, it doesn’t entirely fit with the apocalypse, but I did like the style. I love how soft it all is.

The ending… OK I guess. I just don’t know what to say about it other than that it fits totally with the very confusing story we have had.

Not sure if I would recommend this one. 🙁

Star rating, 2 stars

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